Daily Check in!

  • Good morning everyone. I thought it would be cool to get a thread going where we can keep in touch a bit more! We can do one each day, whoever gets here first each day can fire up the thread. :)

    56° on the prairie and headed for 93° today. I think I'm going to have to go mow the yard today. Even with a 72" hustler... I just don't care for yard work. I need to find some grass that only grows 4" and then stops. lol

    Colossians 3:23
    23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters

  • 2am yip yip to go outside to do her business. By that time, 5am rolls around fast enough .... so when I bring her inside after doing her business at 2am, I go ahead and brew a pot of coffee .... good old New Orleans style Community Coffee. 0_1628694567575_6822AC94-1BD1-4B87-B57A-42AB6449323F.jpeg 0_1628695029501_87C6EE08-8FE0-4536-81F0-2AD414330242_4_5005_c.jpeg

  • Well, Im on lock down this week, quarantined with Covid. Getting lots of reloading done!
    Greg, go get that big GrassHopper 937 72". It will make your ride much better!

  • @painless said in 8/11/2021 Check in!:

    Well, Im on lock down this week, quarantined with Covid.

    Bummer! Will you do us all a favor and give us regular updates on how you're doing with it? I think first-hand accounts of how it goes would be really nice for all of us on Gunhive. Can't look at any news anywhere without seeing propaganda.

    I'll be praying for your swift recovery, and will really enjoy hearing your account.

  • Thumbs up to you @painless ..... Covid wise, Louisiana is not doing so well. My wife, her Mother, and I contracted Covid at the same time last couple of days Dec 2020. We are all well. My wife and I got vaccinated a month or so later and shortly afterwards, learned of the natural immunities from having Covid. That being said, neither of us have had any adverse affects from the vaccine so far. When I was a kid in the early 50's we had to get vaccinated for polio and also for tuberculosis and diphtheria. Measles, chicken pox, and mumps were kids play. Even though Mother In Law is well, she's afraid (being 90 years old). She doesn't want to be hospitalized .... all alone, by herself without family. She's wants to get the vaccine, so we have her scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Our niece and her husband both came down with the virus this week ..... 4 kids at home. The oldest, 17 year old Olivia is doing a stand up job looking after her siblings. My wife and I provide them with proper food and treats daily and speak with her Mother several times a day. Husband has pneumonia, fever, low oxygen blood level. Overweight and type 2 diabetes doesn't help. And this is just our immediate family. But I'm confident that this latest flurry will ride its course, more natural immunization will occur, and we will all prevail. Thanks Greg for giving us this opportunity to stay in touch with our fellow Americans.

  • I'm 51 and in good shape. 5'9" and 170 lbs exercise 3-4 times a week. I got the 2nd shot of the Moderna vaccine on Feb 18th 2021 as my wife is in health care and at the time was advised to get it. No issues or side effects so far.
    Last Tuesday I got a little chest congestion and by Wednesday evening I started having cold chills. Woke up Thursday and felt like I had a small case of the Flu with body aches. I worked till that afternoon and just kept feeling worse so went to urgent care and they swabbed me for Flu and Covid. I turned up negative for Flu and Positive for Covid. Dr told me to get on a stead dose of advil and gave me a Z pack. By Saturday I was feeling normal again and cut the grass and power washed the house and been off the drugs since Sunday.
    The doctor told me the week before she had only been seeing 1-2 cases of Covid a day and had sent one person to the hospital for low blood oxygen levels. Last week she was seeing 10-15 Covid patients a day and had sent 12 people to the hospital all breathing issues and all unvaccinated. I am in no way advocating the vaccine but the doctor did say the best to keep the symptoms at a minimum and stay out of the hospital was to get the vaccine.
    My case was really no big deal just a couple of days of sickness and still able to work and function just fine.
    I am pretty sure I contracted Covid from a guy at Church as he was diagnosed the day before I was and shook hands with him.
    If you don't get the vaccine just stay away from crowded places and keep you hands clean!

  • Well, I was going to keep this to myself but I tested positive Friday the sixth after we received a phone call from some friends we had been in contact with did as well. I hadn't been feeling too terrible earlier in the week and blamed my runny nose and stuffed up sinus from ten hours of shredding with the tractor Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we got rained out and I was a bit achy and had a wheezy cough with the congestion. Thursday I wasn't as achy but really congested and Friday morning I took a shower and absolutely couldn't smell the shampoo or soap. I told my wife and she didn't know what to think. I could barely get air through my nose and breathed all night through my mouth so my throat was sore. Then we got the call so the quickest thing to do was self test and mine was positive and hers negative. She hasn't had any symptoms so maybe mine was a false positive. She still is fine and I feel almost back to normal and have gotten some sense of smell back. Both of us had the Moderna shots earlier this year and our neighbors as well but they were both admitted to the hospital today. They are in their eighties and have multiple health problems. I don't understand these doctors not prescribing the Z packs around here. Maybe it's not for everybody I hear about them but don't know what they are. I have just been taking Tylenol and some expectorant and staying out of the dust and heat if I can. We checked our neighbors property late yesterday on the Ranger and I started choking from all the dust and had to get inside. I live downwind from a coastal hay patch and the dust is brutal.

  • 61° headed to 80° on the prairie. Looks like we're in for a cloudy day and might get some sprinkles. What a wonderful day. Can't wait to get on the phone and help some folks with their shooting!

    "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place." 2 Chronicles 7:14-15

    I'm glad to hear that those of you that have had covid, made it through just fine!

  • @orkan Whatever they want to call this virus is hard to shake. It wants to linger so I hope everyone takes it seriously. I checked in with my two sisters and they are both doing good one lives in Hoboken New Jersey the other in Austin Texas. The one in Austin told some of her husbands family including his sister that are currently dealing with this stuff. Ages from 66 to an infant his sister being the oldest. One of her daughters has a friend in his twenties that contracted it and now has blood clots in his lungs and is a very athletic fit young man. I'm not sure if he took the vaccine hopefully it doesn't damage his lungs. I just want to get back into my old routine. I was starting a job shredding fences and cleaning around the irrigation pivots for the ranch across from me with my tractor but I have to get well. We won't start working on the bigger part of the ranch until later and the deer have their fawns up and moving. I have a 20 kw generator on the way and is supposed to be installed next week and have put off shooting for a while the cows are back on my property and have taken up laying around the trees during the day. I ordered a Burris scope and 34mm mount from La Rue and it was suppose to ship in a couple of weeks but I got a call from UPS wanting directions to my house Tuesday so I thought goody, my scope is here. Well, it came alright but it was a US Optics 1.8-10x42 with a OBR mount. I got somebody else's order so we had to deal with that yesterday my wife took it to a UPS shipper in town and sent it back. They weren't too happy at La Rue that scope was kind of expensive. Sure busted my bubble. Anyway, I might get out and do a snake check before it gets too hot then back to the shade. I see those swirley things forming out in the Atlantic hope I get the generator going pretty quick.

  • @bigfoot Glad to hear you're getting a generator! Those things are worth their weight in gold when weather goes sideways.

  • @orkan I have to ride it out here I don't have anywhere else to go when it goes sideways. I hope 250 gallons of lpg is enough reserve for any outage we have. I'm hoping for a 30% load with the appliances I have.

  • @bigfoot , I'm impressed with a man that has a full plate of to do's ahead of him. You'll never regret the expense of the generator. We have natural gas at our place here in Louisiana so it was a no brainer for fuel. There are a million and a half diesel mechanics that can service a diesel unit .... but the fuel comes with its own problems. Propane might be the best bet, Orkan can fill you in on his unit and propane tank capacity. You Texans and those snakes ..... I've been luck enough not to come across them in my ventures in TX/NM, but then again, I'm not what you would call a ranch hand. Glad to see you have an eye out for the tropics. Texas has had horrible devastation due to those storms as you well know. And then in winter you have those grueling freezes. Another bonus for the generator. That being said, Texas is still one of my favorite states. Stay hydrated with that Covid stuff and sleep upright in a chair to help minimize lung problems. Take care!!

  • Lots of times hurricanes that hit the Texas coast still have plenty of punch when they make it inland. Tornadoes are usually the biggest threat and monsoon rains. We sure had an active spring here in South Texas. I came up on a huge rattler a few weeks ago and tried to dispatch it with some 22 magnum snake loads. All nine of them must have been duds I was within ten feet of this thing and none of them seemed to impact the snake or the surrounding dirt. The third shot misfired and locked the cylinder up. I got it partially opened and rotated it and finally got it closed by then the snake was back in the grass. I have a 16 gauge shotgun in the rack now maybe I won't need it.

  • Doctors are good, but sometimes they have a lot of more "pressing" issues in the ER to attend to. Took a trip to the Thibodaux ER yesterday afternoon. No, not a heart attach, stroke, auto accident or fall .... just a wooden splinter. I tried my razor sharp knife and my Mom's old trusty method of a sewing needle. Couldn't get it, that thing was way in there. The doc came in, dug around, said he got it and showed me a coupe of tiny pieces, and then abruptly left the room for more pressing matters. The nurse entered the room to give me a tetanus shot and I asked if she could have the physician come back to the room ..... there was still a stabbing/needle pressing pain in my thumb. She left to go discuss my request with the doctor and upon returning informed me that the doctor felt that there was nothing left to be done. I'm a polite fellow, but the hell with it, I knew something was not right and demanded he return. I told her I was taking a trip towards the end of August and didn't want to have an infection to deal with while away from home. He begrudgingly returned, commenting how whatever may be still in my thumb would work itself out. I pointed to an area on my thumb and told him to dig away. Within a minute of work, he pulled this sucker out .... about 3/8's of an inch of wood splinter. Instant relief as my sailor mouth uttered "That's the fucker!" Begged my pardon for using such language. I think he was surprised, maybe somewhat embarrassed by his previous assertions, but pleased with both of us being persistent. I was grateful, reminding him of the thorn in the lions paw .... he was too young and didn't know what I was talking about. Regardless, with that behind me, I feel worry free about leaving on my trip without any complications. What a long story .... but if "you" think something is not right with your body, be persistent. More than likely you're right. 0_1628856356513_F21DDF1D-067D-4694-80D3-04AA7C3D5343.jpeg

  • 55° headed to 84° on the prairie today. The smoke from all the western fires has lightened up a lot over the past day. It's nice to get our view back. Normally I can see 13 miles right from my office... but lately its been down to 2 miles or less of visibility. So nice to be able to see the beautiful country again.

    Romans 12:9-13
    Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.


  • Supposed to be 97F here today. 84 would be almost chilly.

  • @flyinphill No temperature in the united states should be allowed to be over 75f. Ever. lol

  • @orkan The last time we saw 55 was probably late April. And won't see it again until maybe late Sept-early Oct

  • @orkan It was still 84 past midnight last night.

    But it is going to be an Autumn-like 92 today. A real cold snap.

    All kidding aside, it looks like the worst of Summer heat is going to end this coming week, highs expected to be in the 80's.

  • We haven't hit 100 degrees here in South Texas where I am at for a while now. It's been hovering around 95-97 every day however the mornings stay pretty much in the low 80's until the clouds burn off and we get full sun. My scope showed up from LaRue yesterday so I mounted it in their QD mount and set it on my RimX. I didn't shoot any I just tried to get it level and torqued the rings and did a little scoping at various objects across the road from our house. I can't make any judgment on it just yet I want to try it out a 100 yards with the 22. Get a fifty yard zero and use the dial since it has a zero stop feature. I swapped the mount they offer for a lower mount for bolt rifles a LT 120.Today I am going to take it easy I started having some congestion again maybe I over did it yesterday I have some tree limbs to get rid of and then that's it. Maybe tomorrow I will shoot. Details of that will be on my range report if it happens. Adios.

  • Spent quite a bit of time at the range today. 55 degrees had me thinking about hunting! I decided to start working up a load in my 6.5 PRC with Berger 156 EOL's. I previously was using 140 grain Hybrids with H4831sc with great results, but I thought I might try these as a hunting bullet vs target shooting. I do have 1 box of 140 elite hunters that I can use as a default. I would think those should shoot similar to the 140 hybrids.

    No real published data on these, but I tried 55-57.5 grains of H1000 for one pressure ladder. I didn't make it past 56.5. (Heavy bolt lift) I did shoot one 3 shot group at 56.2 Velocities were 2880,2880,2896. Slight heavy bolt which seems to happen quite often any time I'm even close to pressure with this setup. Those 3 printed a measly .4" just like almost anything I shoot out of this gun. I guess it just boggles my mind how many people are shooting a lot higher charges than I and not reporting any signs of pressure.

    The range is a little ways away from my house so I try to guess a lot and do a pressure ladder and OCW in one trip. I guessed a little spicy on these loads so my next 3 shot group was 56.4. For the heck of it I just grabbed one and sent it at 600 yards at a 8" steel target. It hit right on the money. I was surprised that the kestrel only showed a tenth difference between the 140 hybrid and 156 EOL. 140 going 2925, 156 going 2890.

    I may just stick with the 140's, but it's good to know the 156 shows promise.... Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday!

  • Late check in today. Too much to do and the sun sets too fast! lol

  • Yes, the sun sets too fast .... 20 years have past and I remember watching live as the towers crumbled to the ground. 20 years, wow ... at 12 years old, I thought Christmas would never come.

  • 70 degrees this morning. Probably on its way to mid 90's. we had about an inch of rain yesterday and 2.5" or so day before. Everything is soggy. It had gotten hot/dry enough that the grass about stopped growing, but the rain and cool evenings will fix that.

    I have a batch of VIAS guns to coat starting next week. Going to be a busy week.

    I am preaching today. My sermon this morning is on Proverbs 8. In this chapter, Solomon personifies wisdom as a woman. It is an interesting approach to the discussion of wisdom.

    Proverbs 8:34-36, "Blessed is the one who listens to me [wisdom], watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For whoever finds me [wisdom] finds life and obtains favor from the LORD, but he who fails to find me injures himself; all who hate me love death.”

  • After the horrendous droughts and high heat of the past three years, this year has certainly been different here in Central Texas. A mild, dry winter was drawing to a close when the Polar Express hit. That certainly caught us all by surprise! I still don't have running water in the ranch house, but I do have a plumber hired and he assures me the job will be done prior to hunting season. The livestock took it hard. I lost 20 cattle that week, including a 3 year old registered Brangus bull that was tending a hot cow. A month later, massive hail storms blew through and beat up the vehicles and roofs. My truck still has pocks and a 20 September date with the body shop. And then the monsoon began... 4.5 months of rain. I haven't seen this much rain in Central Texas since the 1960s. I was sitting on the balcony on August 8th in 65 degree weather at the heat of the day watching it rain on green grass! We got just shy of 2" that afternoon. For comparison, we generally hit the string of 100+ days and no rain beginning in early April running into late October or November. The rains seem to have stopped last week and daily swings between 75-95 are forecast barring any relief provided by storms in the Gulf or off the coast of Baja.

    So, what have I been up to? After six years of promises made and broken, the fencing crew finally got started replacing the ranch fences along Ranch Road 2241 in July. It's been slow going. Much of the clearing has been done by hand as the terrain was too steep or too soft for heavy equipment. So far, they have built a little over 3 miles of six wire barbed fences. That's just shy of halfway done. Most of the remaining fence is on less treacherous ground, so maybe the pace will pick up now that they can clear with machines. The fences that are being replaced were built in the 1950s so clearing the fence rows is complicated by wires imbedded in thickets of brush and good sized trees.

    Most of the scheduled shooting matches have been canceled due to rains or flooded ranges. The New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein has not had to cancel matches since we shoot under cover but attendance has been less than expected as many of our members are hesitant to drive in heavy rain and expose irreplaceable rifles to blowing mists. The Texas Single Shot Rifle Association Spring match was rained out on day 1 and again mid way through day 2. The Independence Weekend match only had one small rain squall. Neither was well attended since many of the regulars have long drives to come to the matches and the forecasts were accurately predicting loads of rain. Silhouette matches have just begun to be held as the ranges are slowly drying out enough to allow use.

    After months of failed attempts to free up the ejector plunger in the bolt head of an old but pristine appearing Sako Finnwolf lever action rifle we finally resorted to drilling the ejector out. It fought right to the last turn, eventually sticking to the tip of the end mill when it broke through the base of the piece. The ejector spring was filled with compacted, dessicated, oxidized wax that looks like what I imagine Soviet cosmoline will look like in another 100 years. Once the hole is cleaned out a new spring and plunger will be made and the tiniest roll pin I've ever seen will be cleaned and reinstalled. Then the Finnwolf will be ready to go hunting. All that remains then is to get all the puzzle pieces back together inside the receiver. Warning: I cannot recommend that anyone disassemble a working lever action Sako. If you are considering Opus Dei, as portrayed in the DaVinci Code, maybe.

    An antique Remington #2 Rolling Block in 32 Rimfire adopted me recently. Dominion (Canada) made the last run of ammo sometime in the early 1930s as far as I can tell. After close to a minute of reflection I have decided to convert the block to centerfire and have JES Reboring convert it to 38 Special. Mud turtles and buffalo carp better look out. The sights are rudimentary at best and the trigger breaks like cheap rebar at about 27# so I don't really see this becoming another redundant target rifle. It'll be just right for offhand practice on steel plates though.

  • Whew. So busy this week. I’ll get back to my normal posting when I can get a minute to breathe. lol. I really enjoy reading you guys posts though!

  • Morning all!

    It’s still summer, but I can sense it will be relenting very soon and fall will be in the air.


  • Early morning run for fresh potato, sweet onion, tomato, pear0_1629130066593_30193A7B-946C-4C80-81CD-725192E5280F_4_5005_c.jpeg 0_1629130042477_21601331-BE16-4293-B205-7D8479DF39B2_4_5005_c.jpeg .... all from a local roadside vendor along Bayou Lafourche. Three beautiful artichokes from none less .... WalMart Neighborhood Market. Took out a chuck roast to cook for Wednesday and some chicken wings to fry for tomorrow. So much of our lifestyle down here in South Louisiana centers around food!
    Oh, and my wife loves her baked sweets ...

  • I didn't check in yesterday I did a little weed control in the cattle pens and that's about it. I shot the breeze with rr2241tx via cell phone a few days ago until our phones over heated and we solved some of the world problems. This morning we made a run into town for two five gallon cans of gasoline for the ranger and mower and my wife ran into the HEB for more drinking water and ice. I'm still hiding out like an escaped convict with this wuflu stuff I'm not even sure if that's what I have. My wife hasn't shown any sign of it but according to these scientists some people will never get it, guess they better work on that and see if they can turn that around. Yesterday we missed the rain but some areas were hit with five inches per hour. That's a normal shower for my old home town of Palacios. The cows finally wised up and are staying at the shaded tank in the other pasture and only come to our grazer in the afternoon when it cools down. We have even seen a couple of deer fooling around and one big bunch of pigs. The deer hunters are showing up with feeders and little box blinds in their pickups with bags of corn piled up to the cab it won't be long now.

  • Bigfoot is right. We solved all the world's problems. So if you think you have problems, there's a good chance you need to take a nap to let the reset update.

    Since the former Reloading Room has been commandeered and converted to the new Laundry Room, ammo storage has been a problem. But, I may have come across an acceptable solution; my grown son's Crate Furniture dresser. Six 25 X 16 X 6 drawers! The bottoms were wimpy, but I made the required sacrifice at Lowe's and now the drawers have brand new 1/2" plywood bottoms.
    Bigfoot, don't judge. I'm not a cabinetmaker and I was cutting with Lowe's panel saw. Now, I can (maybe) unpack all the ammo I keep at home just for emergency hunting or wild AR500 control missions. At the very least it will facilitate getting into and out of the closet. The location of the war reserves stash is classified.

    Attempted to see my doctor this morning but I-35 wasn't having it. Got stuck in traffic between exits and sat for two hours. Had my "visit" on the cell phone instead. Eventually made it to the next exit and came back home for lunch and some really delightful fresh chili pequins from the bush on the deck. There's venison and scorpion peppers for supper. Maybe I'll whip up some cracklings gravy to pour over the rice.

    Not much progress on the shooting/gunsmithing front today. Needed to cut off the scope screw I plugged the #2 Rolling Block firing pin hole with but my buddy with the Bridgeport was busy getting his security gate repaired after a semi-driver backed into it and wrecked it early this morning. Perhaps manana.

  • @rr2241tx I have ammo stored in the ottomans I guess that's what they are called. Those things you prop your feet on.

  • I should be yanking on nice sized speckled trout at this time, the coastline is rattled with impy showers that can blow up given .000009% of a chance and my all-time side splitting buddy doesn't want to budge outta from underneath his covers. This has been going on since 2:15am and I've just about had all the meat chewed off my fingers from the dog being amped up wanting to play. Shooting wise, everything is a-okay .... got the green light from my wife to make a solo south/north/south trip this coming Saturday to fulfill one of the dreams I've had since a couple of years ago, but the tooled equipment had not been produced until last year. Not only looking forward to the reward, but the adventure as well. Years ago I traveled most of the country (and I mean most all areas) hauling <2500lb equipment on my early 90's used Dodge 3500 for the oil companies. It was a great job, but towards the end of my running, the loads got fewer and the companies paid less. I never got a room to sleep in, the bench seat in the cab worked fine with a pillow and a light blanket. This was one of my morning views upon opening my eyes around 5 in the AM ..... tied to the top of a tool box in the backside of a pickup. Great times!!!!!! Oh, it's 6:15 right now, the dog is fast asleep and my coffee's gone cold. 0_1629198751366_001_1.jpeg

  • Breakfast burritos this morning! Sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, wrapped in a tortilla with a custom blend of spices. So good.


  • No burritos or taquitos this morning just raisin bran crunch and a banana. My wife ran me out with the vacuum cleaner so I did a little spot spraying and checked the neighbors place. We have two projects coming up, the generator is one. Second, I am getting a bid for a roof over our vehicles that will attach to the extension of our barn we live in and a shade on the west side of the roof. I had the cement extension poured as soon as we moved here. The guy that I hope will be doing it is from all places Eunice Louisiana but lives in Uvalde Texas about forty five miles from us. I won't be involved in either except for the financing. Both are going to take some manpower which I am a bit short on. I might pull out my Anschutz this afternoon and run some Center X through it.

  • @bigfoot Your installer from Eunice will be familiar with D.I.'s Cajun Restaurant. Ask him if he ever road horseback for Mardi Gras. And I have an acquaintance from Eunice, Tommy Vidrine. He and his wife are big time speckled trout fishermen down at Grand Isle with their own YouTube channel .... Tommy Vidrine. Good idea protecting your house from that western sun!! Take care ... those bananas will keep you healthy.

  • @buddhaman I shrimped alongside of a native of Grand Isle, Douglas Callais. His mom and pop had a boat launch and a bait house in Grand Isle. Another real good friend last name Carmadelle was from there too. He owned a bunch of rent houses I don't know if they are still there after all the storms. I don't know how Troy made it to South Texas from mud bug land he seems to have adapted though. You have to be tough to be on a roof screwing galvalume down in the Texas sun in August.

  • @bigfoot Carmadelle is an old time, big name on Grand Isle. From marinas to vacation rentals to seafood and now mayor as well. And the Callais are big time offshore boat people and oilfield services. And you're right about being built of the right stuff .... from working on and with hot fabricated steel to creosote ... these guys do it day in and day out, happy to go home to their family and do it all over the next day.

  • Coastal showers from Vermillon Bay to Barataria. Barataria was a good hideout for Jean Lafitte , the pretty good boatsman that helped us defeat the British decisively at Chalmette in 1815. Hell of a fishing hat that Lafitte fellow is wearing (I'll have to put a feather in my hat and see how I do with it). 0_1629280526706_EAF7A40B-6CF2-48E8-8078-BC247DF096BF_4_5005_c.jpeg Our battles these days are with our eroding coastline .... Jean Lafitte would never recognize it today. Puppy's being puppy this morning. Waiting to get a confirmation from my amigo up north so that I may leave a few days in advance. If I leave before dawn Saturday, I'll be hours ahead of a high pressure heat wave that is forecast to bring temps to 98 F and upwards along the Gulf Coast.

  • Cinnamon and Raisin French toast with two slices of bacon this morning. Local cantaloupe and a banana on the side for fruit. No shooting today the cattle are hanging around since it's cloudy and cool. Wife's riding on the lawn mower I bought her for Mothers Day a few years back. I think I will just stay out of the way I do need to shred the fence lines on my place again maybe tomorrow.

  • @bigfoot perfect time of year for cantaloupes. Bet they're good and sweet. The first one out of my patch was as good as it gets. But then the rains came and never stopped. Every one afterwards lost all their flavor. I got disgusted and yanked them all up since the plants started rotting .... even though I had them elevated. That soil was wetter than a soppy sponge.

  • Blessed with morning kisses. The fluttering of my eyelashes as I first wake to look around my room and see memories of past times on the walls and on my dresser. The sound of the little hound anxious to go outside and relive herself. The perking of the coffee pot and that first sip on my lips .... followed by the little 2lb beast licking my lips for her little taste. The sounds outside of the morning beginning to hum. The sitting in one of my favorite chairs looking within sights view of the home I was raised in .... sitting in a den that was once a back porch, and thinking of how I might spruce it up. And then I reflect and kiss the Lord for all the Blessings He has bestowed on me and the forgiveness I have received by asking Him to be within me. 7:15 pops around, I get to bring my wife her cup of coffee and she rewards me with a daylong twinkle of love in her eyes. The better part of our day together is me looking at the back of her head while she tirelessly works away at the computer helping assist her customers with compliance to their legal insurance needs. I'm very proud of her ... she has customers going back over 30 years, not one of them would consider leaving her reliable service.
    What a bunch of kisses. And when I'm real fortunate, I can dodge just about all those things mentioned above and be out on the coastal water as dawn approaches with expectations of some tugs on my line while holding my fishing rod. Now that's Heaven in itself!
    0_1629372319296_IMG_1605.jpeg 0_1629372334586_IMG_1521.jpeg
    0_1629372354763_IMG_1650.jpeg And then you sometimes come across a little beach party!!

  • Welp, morning get around accomplished by 4:30am. Just finished cutting up the little tramps good girl treats and placed them in a little custard cup for doling out through out the day. Still near 8oz of warm coffee left out of my beginning 14oz. Checked my powder/primer source .... not a scratch. I took typing back in high school ... when these suckers come available I peck away as fast as I can, but in most every case to no avail. Coastline is clear of showers, but seas near Caillou Boca clipping at 3ft, reducing by Sat/Sun to 2ft, and calm on Monday. And Monday is offering a 1.5ft range on tide with the high mark near noon.
    But I've decided that I'll be fishing Monday for a new species up in South Dakota. The waters have been tested and I have 100% confidence that I'll be landing a trophy of my lifetime. I'll post a photo of my catch once I return to Louisiana ... promise!!!

  • Good morning to all! Great morning with much already getting done.


  • @buddhaman Give me a call... I have a fishing spot to share with you. ;)

  • I took another covid test this morning Fourteen days since I took the first one that was positive. The test today was negative which I kind of figured my smeller is working again and no coughing and crazy bouts of fatigue just my normal laziness. We went out yesterday evening to count the cows and killed a rattler that was stretched out at the door of my container. Sixteen gauge blast threw it about ten feet and there wasn't much left of it to make a hat band but had some nice rattles. It was skinny as a rope but head was swollen with venom, the worst kind if they bite. I must be keeping up on the rat control around the houses. Going into Pearsall to the mail box and sneak into the store for a loaf of bread and some eggs then back to the ranch this morning. Might put a bipod rail on another rifle today. It hit 100 yesterday and most likely again today so between noon and six I am going to do my best to stay in the shade.

  • @bigfoot any idea as to whether those snake eggs were ready to hatch. I'd of liked to hear about a good roasted chile burrito outta snake eggs! Take care Amigo, high pressure is ready to set on top of you.

  • @buddhaman Rattlers retain their eggs and deliver live young. They are due about now. Around these parts the little ones like to curl up on sidewalks and driveways that catch morning sun. The big ones are feeding up for winter, the heat helps them digest faster. With all the rain this year, the only reason I can come up with for Bigfoot's skinny snake is she might be a female who just shed a whole nest of little ones.

  • @rr2241tx thanks for the insight on snakes. Snakes and I don't get along well ... don't care if they are venomous or not (and I'm aware snakes do a lot of good in ridding pests), but whew .... snakes!

  • Actually did make a little (very little) progress today. Got my Sako Finnwolf back together...twice. Put it together the first time with a new ejector pin and a shortened M1 Carbine ejector spring. Celebrated too soon. It all felt good, but wouldn't completely eject an empty case and wouldn't eject a dummy round at all. Took it apart again and thought for sure I had it ready to break out windows with the empties. It took me 5 hours to get it back together; and it is no better than it was this morning at 10:00. So, now I know two ways to fix a lazy ejector that don't work.

    Decided to try and make myself some ammo since .308 Winchester hunting ammo isn't exactly DIY brain surgery. Thank goodness I only made 3 rounds before trying them in the rifle. They wouldn't chamber and then wouldn't eject either because they're longer than the window in the action. Had to pry them out of the extractor the pull out from the mag well. Turns out, Hornady Interlock 180s have to be seated with the very beginning of the ogive just a rote schnarhaar past the case mouth to chamber. So, that's a big fail. It appears that there is almost zero throat in this barrel. Did manage to find one loaded FC 150 gr round and it functioned perfectly. Went to Academy and bought 40 rounds so I can see where the sights regulate and have some left for deer season. If POI is close to POA, then Kentucky Windage will have to do for this year.

    Sold feeder calves Monday. Heifers averaged $500, Steers $600 apiece. These were good slick black Brangus calves. Pitiful prices. Don't blame the ranchers for high beef prices at the supermarket, we definitely aren't getting rich doing this. This sale was about half the calf crop and they didn't pay the taxes.

  • Good Evening!

    It's 92 degrees still in Brazos Valley at 6:48 but not too bad to fool around in the yard and get some watering done. I suspect the humidity is lower than normal and the breeze helps. we have two more days of dry heat on tap then we should get back to a more normal temperatures.

    I usually do most of my yard-work late in the day because we get a late afternoon breeze and the brutal mid-day heat has usually eased.

    Look forward to reading the posts from this group!