Tracking Point puts out scumbag video

  • This is gonna win over a lot of people, pretty scumbag move in my opinion.

    Don't know how anyone thought this was a good idea.

  • I haven't said much about tracking point over the last couple years. I've simply said that it is nice to see companies pushing the boundaries using technology.

    However, that video is heavy on inflammatory egotism. Certainly not professional. Not that I'm a big fan of todd hodnet in the first place... but that video is pretty classless. Companies that believe any press is good press, most often learn the hard way that it is not true.

    I wonder what happens when the tracking point breaks? You're SOL, that's what. Their gadget is innovative, but I sure as hell don't plan on buying one.

  • Agreed BS attack, totally kindergarten.

    My opinion is that a person needs to know how to do without modern conveniences. Technology is great until it takes a shit and without analog knowledge you are often stuck up the creek.

  • For the uninitiated, could someone explain that for me?

    I don't get it.....

    I'm familiar with tracking point, I just don't get the video.

  • Go to their you tube channel and read the description and comments. This video is a follow up to their "team" challenge video.

  • What a bunch of homos.....

    I had wrote the system off as a shortcut when it came out. I don't see the appeal, when you could learn just to do it yourself.

    Fun story:
    I was working as part of a reserve MI unit, responsible for something uninteresting and unimportant, and my CO used to submit "potential threats" to the FBI for threat assessment. Anyhow being the enthusiastic LR shooter I am, I showed him the trackingpoint system. Being the motivated indviual he was, he forwarded the system to the FBI for assessment. The FBI responded to the effect, "we already know about it, we've determined the system to present no significant threat to national security."

    Hear that TP your system is "not significant"

  • Banned

    Ugh, I couldn't finish that. :confounded:

    @ragnarnar " Hear that TP your system is "not significant""
    omg lol :joy: