Wilson Trimmer

  • Since there was a discussion as to Wilson Trimmers and chamfering with one I will throw this out. Some time ago I had two spindles I will call them made that have the same diameter and threads for the crank that the Wilson cutter has. The end opposite of the handle threads is drilled and tapped for 8-32 threads so different accessories can be attached. I have primer pocket cutters in them now and chamfer tools can be attached also. To attach some things the spindle has to be inserted first then the piece screwed on last if it is larger than the bore on the trimmer body. I admit I hardly ever use these things for one thing the trimmer or lathe I guess you can call it is rigid and I assume is radially and axially aligned and for trimming does an excellent job but doing id and od is a different situation. It works but if the brass is deformed or has excessive runout it's going to show with uneven machining. Using the trimmer to do primer pockets I leave the case holder with the brass in it loose and let it float and let the cutter enter the pocket and then lock it down so it doesn't rotate. You can rotate the holder and find the spot the cutter enters easily when it is centered. Like I said, I don't do this often.

  • Very cool.