Thumlers UV-18's are in stock at MidwayUSA!

  • Thumlers UV-18's are in stock at MidwayUSA! First time I've seen them in stock anywhere in over a year. Better get on it if you want one!

    I grabbed 2 more for myself.

  • @orkan I have an 18. Super quiet and really moves the media and brass. Dirt dobbers found mine and I had to knock their nest out now I store it in a plastic bag.

  • Thanks for the conversation yesterday Greg. One thing I forgot to ask you is do you clean your brass before sizing then again after to get the lube off?

    Also, how often or how can you tell when the rice needs to be changed out?

  • Rice gets black speckles when its time to change out... it'll get very very dark.

    I generally don't tumble before resizing.

  • I left rice in a tumbler too long out in my shop where it was subject to temperature and humidity changes and it basically turned into rice crumbles. I ran some brass that had been resized and trimmed just to clean it up and it left a white powder on the brass. I ended up tumbling it in some walnut to clean the powder off and threw the rice out and got some fresh stuff.

  • @bigfoot I haven't ever tumbled in anything warmer than 75f. Good tip for those that aren't in a climate controlled setup.

  • @orkan My reloading room was air conditioned and I kept it 70 degrees during the summer so if I took brass out into the shop to tumble I would have to acclimate it or it would sweat in the hot tumbler. I started leaving the two tumblers out in the shop because they would sweat if I took them out of the ac and you talk about a mess. The media would clump up and stick inside the brass and I found out the rice broke down in a few months. Too noisy to run in the room it was just 12 x 14. Leaving the walnut out didn't affect it but the rice turned to powder. I just placed the brass in a zip lock bag and left it out in the shop sealed up for a few minutes and it wouldn't sweat. Winter time didn't cause any problems. Right now if I take a camera or one of my scoped rifles out of the house it takes ten minutes or so for the lenses to clear up. We usually put our cameras in an air tight bag and let them come up to temperature with the inside air in the bag. The rifles just have to wait it out.