God Sees Behind Your Mask

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    In Basel, Switzerland each year Christian people have a festival in which they put on masks and go through the city doing things and going places that ordinarily they would never consider. Their mask concealed their identity enough that it gave them boldness to do things that they would not be caught doing otherwise.

    As we come out of a world wide pandemic, we have become very accustomed to wearing and seeing masks. Two years ago it would have been thought very suspicious to see someone walk into a bank wearing a mask, yet today it is expected. Yet masks come in many different forms and are sometimes used to conceal the identity instead of protect ones health.

    Sometimes the concealing mask that is used is the phone. It can be quite annoying to call customer service with a problem only to wait for 30 minutes before getting to a real person. Then once that person is reached, it seems that they are not able to help. Many times, our hidden identity makes it very easy to respond in a way which we never would if they really knew who we were.

    It seems that many hide behind the mask of the internet. The internet reduces people to a screen name with very little to no connection to the actual person. This mask of anonymity often reveals people’s true character in a way that never would be seen if they were sitting across the table from the same people.

    Others choose to put on a mask around certain people. They will act right, talk right, and do right when they are in the presence of those who might expect them to do so. Yet when through their everyday lives their true character is revealed. These people can act and look “Christian” when they are around other Christians. They sit on the bench on Sunday acting as if all is right with the world, yet they would be mortified if good people knew who they really were. They would be greatly embarrassed if other Christians saw how they lived their lives on a normal basis.

    Do we forget that God sees behind our mask? Do we forget that God knows our heart and our mind? Do we forget that our true character is what really matters and that true character is not changed when we put on a mask? In order to truly change our lives, we must change our heart. We must decide that following God and living right is important. When we turn our heart to God, all of the masks will come off. We will not have to pretend to be good around good people. We will not use a hidden identity to participate in unrighteous conduct. We will be the same person and act in the same way regardless of who is watching.

    God sees behind the mask!