New Primer Tubes and tube filler for CPS!

  • I'm happy to announce our new color-coded red/black custom primer tubes for our Competition Primer Seater! (CPS) In stock and ready to ship now! In collaboration with Double Alpha Academy, we're pleased to offer our custom Primer Tubes which are designed specifically to allow owners of our patented Competition Primer Seater to use the Double Alpha PrimaFill to fill their primer tubes!

    Gone are the days of playing Pac-Man and stabbing primers individually. Fill those tubes in seconds with our new tubes and the PrimaFill! These new tubes ship standard with all CPS's now, and are required for functionality with the PrimaFill tube filler from Double Alpha Academy!


    Oh, and don't forget to pick up the DAA primer rack to keep that bench organized! All available at Primal Rights!



  • Amigo, what method of shipping do you use? Thanks

  • @buddhaman UPS mostly.

  • Thanks, good to know. UPS leaves my packages out on the front porch even though I've directed them to leave all packages under the carport. I'll have my order sent to a more secure address. And thanks again for the added ease of use for the CPS! Looking forward to the arrival of my order.