• Several months back we started seeing a couple of little deer like critters and found out they are Black Bucks. There was a male and a female and seemed to like to hang around straight across from our house. We nicknamed them Thing One and Thing Two. They apparently can crawl under a fence but don't jump them very well and they hung around for weeks. Thing Two went missing one day and I asked the foreman over at the place they are in if he finally caught one and returned it to the high fence section. Nope, found it gut shot just off the county road where they had been staying in the cattle pasture. The male was still alive. Why in the heck would somebody shoot a little animal like that and just leave it if you are gonna poach do it all out. What a shame. I got a picture of the male this morning he's getting used to my Polaris and hanging around the cows.


  • @bigfoot A trailer carrying black bucks from the auction in Harper overturned on the road at my ranch once. One female was uninjured and came through the fence. She tried to run with the whitetails initially but was not accepted. Eventually, she took up with a group of yearling heifers. Just about the time the heifers began to calve, Annie adopted a feral piglet. She stole a piglet every Spring for about ten years. She had a huge ear tag in her right ear and over the years her right ear sagged lower and lower. When the tag eventually broke and fell out, her ears were at 1 and 7 o’clock. They stayed that way. She stayed with us 13 years before she was killed by a cougar.

  • @bigfoot said in Senseless:

    Why in the heck would somebody shoot a little animal like that and just leave it

    Because people are trash... generally.

  • @rr2241tx
    These two slipped out of the big part of the ranch and were crazy wild at first. If they saw you they would take off in that hopping looking way they run I figured out pretty quick they weren't deer and the male had tiny horns. They have some in the ranch that are magnificent looking but he's just a youngster. What tees me off is some worm shot it right down the road from my house. This building is so well insulated I can't even hear a truck honking in the driveway but I felt that hurricane last night. We had an English Mouflon in with our cows for a while but that thing could get over fences and escaped the dart gun and was never seen again. He had some massive head gear. Yep there's plenty of trash running the roads here they like baiting deer and cutting fences to get at them they even use four wheelers. They have some stones when it comes to stealing game but probably don't work a job.