Rough Night

  • Last night a frontal boundary crossed us heading south to the Texas coast. At 1:08 am I heard and felt my house shaking and it progressively got worse. I got up and looked and there was no rain and I could clearly see the lightning south since the line had already passed us earlier. Well, this storm started breathing I guess you could say and the wind was just like being in a hurricane. I rode out a category 2 one time and this was just about as much fun without the rain. It trashed my mesquite tree we have been pruning for the only shade in front of our house and got a pretty good sized tree in the back yard of my grandparents house. I texted the ranch foreman across the road from me and he was up also watching debris fly by his windows. This kept up until almost 3:30 and finally the weather moved off that was causing this. The weatherman explained it as a hot downburst I had a different name for it that started with a B. One road leaving out of here is still impassable from fallen trees but we have two more that are clear for now. Still have two more days of this weather and it's thundering now.
    I contacted the county they are supposed to come clear the road there is two more big trees across it not in the picture.

  • Storm season is upon us. Glad you guys are alright.

  • No loss of life in these storms thankfully. The tornadoes that spawn are F1 variety but still can easily kill. The storm that went west of us a week or so ago had three tornadoes imbedded in it. Lots of property was damaged we totally missed it. All the years I was fishing for a living gave me great respect for the weather.