• Yet another cartridge that H4350 works wonders for. I've been struggling to get this rifle to perform. Been trying historically recommended powders, and it just wasn't coming around. Yesterday I went to the golden child... and it showed once again why it is one of, if not THE most versatile powder on planet earth.

    TS Customs build. Lone Peak Fuzion Ti, McMillan A3A Edge w/Primal Rights hardware options, 9 Twist Proof Carbon Fiber barrel, Triggertech Special, TBAC ultra .22cal

    27.5gr of H4350 behind a 55gr Berger LRV at 3175fps from a 20" proof carbon fiber. Powder fills the case 100%, right at the neck/shoulder junction. Best I could get out of this rifle with any other combination was 1/2 to 5/8 MOA. It's now doing a consistent 1/4 to 1/2. Tracks perfectly to 600yds... but as it's my kitty cat calling rifle... I doubt I'll be taking a shot past 300. Shoots about 1.5" at 300yds with ease. Best shooting proof barrel I've owned so far... but it sure was finicky to discover its secret.

    Once I got the load dialed in I fired 3. Then pulled a click out and fired one at a different dot. Ready to go!




  • Curious ... what does it shoot like without the Thunder Beast? Have you tried shooting it without the suppressor? I realize you wish to quiet it down for hunting ..... maybe improved accuracy. My question is personal .... I'm not interested in the circus acts these days to get an approval for a suppressor. Thank you! Excellent results.

  • @buddhaman said in .20-223AI:

    Curious ... what does it shoot like without the Thunder Beast?

    I have no idea. I've never done it. Don't want to either. :)

  • Okay, you don't want to .... other than not wanting to, why not? POI will change .... do you think grouping size will change as well?

  • @buddhaman said in .20-223AI:

    why not?

    Because its loud! ;)

    Group size usually doesn't change much, if at all. POI shift is usually within a half a mil, but it almost always will change.

  • I am curious about what you think of the proof carbon barrels consistency?

  • @tpk936 I'm not impressed. This barrel was extremely finicky compared to my Benchmarks.

    However, I ask a lot more of my barrels than most.

  • @orkan I was very disappointed with my proof barrel in 6.5PRC. It was finicky and very inconsistent with loads it liked. I did take my Elk with it but that proof barrel has been swapped. It would be nice if you have the opportunity down the road to give a review on the barrel after you have put a good amount down the pipe. Thanks for reply.

  • @tpk936 I already have a new carbon fiber benchmark coming to replace it. ;)

    I'm going to be shooting this one to pieces on pdogs. So I'll let you know.

  • @orkan would also be very interesting to hear comparison between proof and benchmark carbon..Thanks