Mango Juice Recipe

  • Mango Juice Recipe

    Mango – 1 large, peeled, cut into big chunks
    ***Sugar – 1/2 tablespoon
    Chilled Water – 1 ½ cups
    Ice cubes – few, optional


    • Wash, peel, dice the mango. Place in the blender.
    • Add sugar to the blender, grind until smooth.
    • Next pour water in the blender, blend again.
    • If you want a pulp free juice, strain the juice through a mesh strainer or coffee filter.

    Add a few ice cubes and enjoy now :) If you'd like to save it for another day, pour into air tight container and place in fridge.

    *** Honey, agave nectar, or no sugar can be used in place of regular sugar.

  • @gash Smoothies on the hoof...:laughing:


  • @mamalukino Very jealous! I'm not a huge fan of Mangoes but my kiddos LOVE them. My son would eat nothing but mangoes if I let him lol.

  • @gash There are bananas hidden in there also....:laughing:

    Banana mango smoothies...Banana Chocolate ..... Coconut Chocolate.....

  • @mamalukino YUM! We go through bananas like mad people. Minimum of 8 per day! Family loves them. I'd love to grow bananas and other tropical fruit once we have more room indoors. :D