CPS Lite

  • Hi @orkan , it's been a long time since I posted although I browse around here from time to time.

    Anyway, I have one of your CPS Lite primer seater tools and I love it, and I would love to purchase a 2nd one, however, I don't see it on your website anymore. The 2nd one I would like to use it for reloading 9mm ammo and just leave it dedicated on my 9mm die turret, rather than moving the other one around from my 6.5 die station to my 9mm turret and back. Are you still making the CPS lite? If you are, let me know where I can order one.

  • Glad you're enjoying your Lite. We will run some of them again at some point... but not for a long time.

    The bench mounted CPS is so vastly superior... and we still can't keep up with production on them. So that's where our focus will be for the foreseeable future.

  • @orkan Sounds good, thanks for the prompt reply.