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    Where would Adam have been without Eve? Where would Samson have been without Delilah? Where Ahab have been without Jezebel? Where would Solomon have been without his wives? The Bible tells the story of many different people who were led astray by the one that they loved. Each of these men allowed themselves to be led down a very dark road that they might not have otherwise taken had it not been for the wickedness of their spouse.

    Where would Abraham have been without Sarah? Where would Moses have been without Zipporah? Where would Noah have been without his wife? Where would Aquila have been without Priscilla? This list is a shorter list than the one above, but a very important list. These are people whose faith was strengthened by their spouse. They supported each other, helped each other, and grew stronger together. This list is shorter because a good spouse is not easy to find and it is rare for two Godly people to wait for each other. Yet when they did find each other, their spiritual strength was much greater than any one person on their own.

    Where would Job have been without his wife? Where would Joseph have been without Potiphar’s wife? This list is the shortest list, but a very important one. It is even shorter than it appears because Potiphar’s wife was not even Joseph’s souse, just an influence in his life. This list is people who stayed true to God IN SPITE of the influences of those around them. Job’s wife told Job to “curse God and die”, yet Job stayed true to God in spite of the wicked advise of his wife. Joseph was in a foreign land around ungodly people and Potiphar’s wife made advances to Joseph. However, Joseph remained true to God and did what was right in spite of the influences of those around Him. This list is the shortest because it is the “exception to the rule”. The vast majority of people who associate with and are married to wicked people will be influenced by their spouse and will be led farther from God. A very small few will remain faithful to God in spite of the influences of their spouse. While these small few keep their faith, it usually comes at a great cost due to the difficulties presented by their spouse and those around them. An even smaller number of these people will lead their spouse to Christ at some point down the line. Interestingly enough, we all know someone or several people who led their spouse to Christ. What we don’t see is the ones who were led away by their spouse. We don’t see them because they no longer associate with other Christians. They have been led to live like the world.
    The NT warns us about the dangers of being closely associated with ungodly people. 2 Cor. 6:14, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.”; 1 Cor 15:33, “Do not be deceived: bad company ruins good morals.” If our goal in life is to get to heaven, then we must carefully evaluate who we are going to marry. If we have a rock solid resolve to do right, having a righteous mate will strengthen our faith and resolve and make the path to heaven much easier. If our faith is there but not always as strong as it should be, having a faithful mate will help strengthen that faith and make our path to heaven easier. There is no situation where an ungodly mate will help make our path to heaven easier.

    Yet regardless of who one is married to, they can with a rock solid faith, endure the storms and difficulties to get to heaven. It will come at a price as it did for Job, but if that is the marriage you are in, the price must be paid...and who knows, you might be one of the few who through example and perseverance lead your spouse to the truth!