They are people

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    Colossians 4:6
    [6] Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.

    James 1:3-4
    [3] for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. [4] And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

  • You have a choice ..... mash your teeth or have a slice of apple pie. WHAT???? I would say there are easy ways to do things in life and then there's the grind. But it's not that easy. The path that I've decided to take takes time and effort, maybe a little trial and error, and also developing within yourself a judge of character ... a circle of trust.
    Let me tell you, it's been a rocky road this life of mine in search of obtaining goods and services. It's cost me time, money, grief, and ultimately reward. The internet can be a grand source of information and access to "available" goods. There's an old saying that somehow relates to some of what's going on ..... "Promises, promises."
    Until you have an honest understanding of your relationship to your surroundings and goals, well, I'm thinking that you'll meet obstacles to include grief and loss of money. First off, an understanding of your personal morals, your approach to your own sanctity .... it's near difficult to move towards a relationship with those around you. That being said, if you are driven by honesty and righteousness you will have a better chance of surrounding yourself with like kind.
    My approach since the later part of owning a few businesses and then pushing towards personal endeavors is to not do business immediately with every Joe Blow that's offering me a "better" deal. Do a little research, ask your trusted friends for their opinion. And take time to develop a trusted rapport with those providing you with knowledge and those providing you with goods. This doesn't happen overnight .... sometimes in a shorter period of time depending on your judgement skills, but once this circle is developed ... stick with it. Chasing what's not there is usually a waste of everybody's time and a sign of disloyalty to your tried and true circle.
    But I can get it cheaper!!!! Get over it. Distributors don't have time to deal with a one time shot in the dark or a sale that takes their time away from servicing their well established vendors. And it's just not fair to a vendor for a private entity to demand wholesale pricing. Again, to me, it goes back to developing a trust rapport with a provider, knowing that because of our relationship they will do their best to honor my order. Yes, some things are time sensitive and require a more immediate action .... sometimes a push is necessary, but if you have communicated that time sensitivity to your provider, well then there it is. I have noticed in past dealings that some vendors may know how to obtain products in a rapid manner, but don't consider the loss of time in shipping. Most suppliers ship ground. Know that ground is not guaranteed and is sometimes not trackable. But there are shipping services available for time sensitive deliveries ... to include SameDay. It's costly, but if a piece of equipment is down costing your business money, well .... figure it out and tell your vendor your preference.
    But getting to daily activities. Develop a historical trust in your provider and I promise you, you'll be enjoying a nice slice of apple pie with a full set of teeth than gumming mashed potatoes.