Turning a sealed suppressor into a self serviceable suppressor

  • I sent a sealed suppressor to Curtis Tactical to have it converted to a self serviceable unit. With this suppressor he was unable to use the old baffles. They put together one of there baffle stacks for this tube. I will say it is a very unique design.
    aIQv9R8.jpg my tube and end cap
    348DOtB.jpg new baffle stack and you can see where end cap threads on.
    juGhbVU.jpg Baffle stack taken apart. This is a direct thread. The baffle stack also threads together. it is lined up top to bottom. When you thread all pieces together it becomes a sealed unit that slides inside your tube.
    gUeEeee.jpg reassembled and ready to slide into tube.
    b7KKoOE.jpg put back together and ready to be used. I will be going to range this weekend to see how it performs. I am impressed with the fit and finish. Joe was easy to reach and took the time to explain the process. They only do recore type of work 3 times a year, I am ready for some range time it has been a while with the weather. I will update on performance. If this works as good as it looks I have a couple more I would want to do this to. Just makes it so easy to maintain and clean. The process took about 3 weeks from shipping to receiving suppressor back.