Bullet Trimming

  • I have 500 Berger boat tail bullets, all of the same lot, that I have measured base to olgive with my Accuracy One Meplat Trimmer and measuring device. All bullets are within .001 measurement with exception to about 10-12. Of the 490 or so bullets, should I determine the shortest overall bullet length and trim them all based on the shortest length, afterwards to the bullet tipping die ...???
    Should I take the 490 or so bullets within .001 and sort them by overall length, then trim by overall length group size?
    And lastly, what would a bullet comparator for measuring bearing surface be used for and for what advantage compared to base to olgive or overall bullet length .... keeping in mind that the overall length would need to be measured once meplat trimming is finished?
    Thanks ... these devices and the use of them can be quite confusing!

  • @buddhaman Length to ogive/bearing surface tends to be the metric that will most affect performance. F-class john put out a good video recently on bullet trimming.

  • Be careful when you start trimming and pointing bullets you can most certainly take a good shooting bullet and mess it up.

    I would suggest the following - at distance shoot a group with trimmed, then take 5 of the non-trimmed shoot them into the group and finally take 5 of your worst and shoot them into the group to see if you can tell any difference.

    Pointing of bullets needs to be tested if you are looking to shrink your groups you can very easily cause the group to open up.

    You might already know all of this but trimming/pointing really needs testing to be successful.

    Thanks my 2 cents at least
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  • @tan_90 Thank you, a point well taken!

  • @orkan did the patreon of F Class John on bullet tipping and viola .... he answered my question head on in regards to the Berger bullets I'm using, the long range hybrid .264 144 grain. Don't touch them ... in his opinion, the factory tip is as good as it will get and don't mess with meplat trimming or pointing. Thanks Amigo for pointing the way. And thank you @tan_90 for your insight. I may have messed up a good thing thinking I could make an improvement.

  • I'm with @tan_90 in that I believe in shooting and testing. :)

  • Thank you both again @orkan & @tan_90. I took a magnified look at my batch of Berger 144gr Long Range Hybrid .264 and even though with the naked eye looking near uniform, under magnification I notice a slight tilting of the tip surface, sort of slanted to one side and not square.
    Okay .... big deal..?? But I received my EC Tuner/Brake yesterday and can now move from calculated data and begin realtime performance testing. It will be awhile before I get to the standard of performance before I can start testing bullet augmentation. I thought of you @orkan last night and this morning when it comes to you and your decision of a new rangefinder bino and the cost incurred. I'm so intrigued with the effects of nuances in casing/bullet prep and the somewhat "shoot and miss" methods of todays' 3D measuring that I started looking into 3D laser scanning devices to record details in minute ...... starting in the range of $25,000 - $50,000. Maybe later down the road when I start finding it more difficult to get out of the house.
    But then I also find myself thinking that this constant pursuit of a given goal is more that likely enjoyed for a finite period of time for a given piece of equipment and load development .... as equipment tolerances over time will change and even my human body over time will change in addressing my firearm. Doing my best to stay mentally and physically alert will help delay the inevitable.
    So I find myself intrigued to say the least regarding the furthering of my education and advancement of performance. I thank all of those that make an honest contribution towards this endeavor. The internet is a tricky place, full of naive pitfalls .... to think that "expert" advice is being given by ghost figures that find success in making a suppressor from a Fram oil filter.
    Oh well, it is so refreshing to have found a safe place to have discussion. And to have not so much an absolute "yes or no" answer to a question, but rather a finger pointing the way!