Load Development and The Bible

  • You have to pick a starting point .... as stated in the beginning three words of The Bible ... "In the beginning". From what I've read, most every adjustment in producing your "best" cartridge will be affected with either a + or a - to the result. But, I would think that you have to start somewhere so begin by purchasing reliably consistent brass. Maybe begin from there with IDOD to a repeatable neck rim thickness. My guess is from that point on, start in the middle of the road for powder weight charge from different types of powders and find your seating depth of the bullet. From being able to determine what seating depth works best with a particular powder, you can then do your ladder from min to max to help determine best fill of powder.
    From that point, at least (in my mind) you have a stating point and can move from that point to 100 deviations of load development.
    My load development will exist of primer pocket sizing, primer depth seating, bullet base to olgive sorting, meplat, pointing, neck tension, AMP annealing, custom dies, and I'm sure one or two other adjustments. Primer selection at this time is subject to availability. My choice of bullet is for the most part, predetermined ... but hey, if it doesn't fly, I'll adjust.
    Anyway, my question is "Is this a good way to start? Should I consider an alternative method to obtain a base starting point?"
    Thank you!

  • @buddhaman Sadly this is still not something I have been able to reduce to text. The scope of the response would essentially require a book be written.

    Starting where you are is always the best course of action. ;)

  • I understand where you're coming from. I guess I was trying to start with an approach that would tackle the adjustments that would have the greatest effect and once determined, work on other issues that, yes, will have an effect, but maybe not so drastic as powder choice/powder weight/bullet seating.
    But yes, I can understand the complications in a detailed load development and how to propose a path for reloaders to follow.

  • It's something I've thought about in great depth. I intend to offer some instructional content like that as the inspiration hits me regarding how to best deliver it. :)

  • @orkan I'm sure most will get a lot out of it, but wear your bee keeper outfit. As a new reloader, even , as my Dad would refer to me, my goat head is penetrable.