Perceived or the Same

  • Reticle thickness between FFP vs SFP ... is it perceived in differences of magnification between FFP and SFP or is it actually the same? Other than target (BR shooting or similar stationary point of aim) do some shooters over magnify given their shooting conditions? I think it is a good idea to study the reticle dimensions offered by a particular scope prior purchase ... especially when it comes to purpose of use (can that reticle dot or crosshair cover too much area for your point of aim). A fine crosshair is wonderful for stationary (paper or steel) target shooting but near the devil to see if you want to hunt or aiming off target. And as for me, better acuity comes with a slight bit of illumination at the convergence of the crosshairs. How 'bout you?

  • @buddhaman Reticle thickness in relation to the target stays the same with FFP no matter the magnification, where as thickness in relation to target changes per the magnification with SFP.

    As such, holds are not constant with SFP, but they are with FFP.

  • Just the other morning I took some pictures in the early AM, first light, through a Tangent Theta 315M Gen2XR. These deer are approximately 300yds away, and the sun was not up... there was just a hint of light. I don't think it would have been legal shooting light, were it in season. It was VERY early. The scopes grab a lot of light, and the iphone 12 max I used for the picture has incredible low-light performance.

    Here is a pic at 6x magnification.

    Here is at 15x magnification.

    As you can see, even on 6x, neither the optic nor the reticle would have been a limiting factor in completing that shot... even on a partially obscured animal. The image looked unbelievably better with my eye than these images capture. Photography through rifle scopes is difficult, and these pictures are a poor representation of how things actually appeared.

  • Remarkable ... such uncompromising clarity and rendition of target, regardless of magnification .... and the field of view does not look compressed .... thank you very much for introducing me to TT. I look forward to later this year in experiencing it first hand.