Are 2 Birds In A Hand Better Than One

  • If you were considering a 22BR, what path would you take? Berger calculator says that a twist rate of 1:7 will stabilize their 22 cal 85.5 gr and 77 gr bullets .... a 1:8 marginally. What about if I might want to consider shooting a lighter bullet, let's say 40-55 gr? Would the faster twist rate of the 1:7 or 1:8 have a yawing effect on the lighter 40-55 gr bullets and should I consider a replacement barrel if shooting the lighter bullets? My desired bullets are the 77 to 85.5. Just wondering if a barrel change should be considered if ever I would decide to shoot lighter 40-55 bullets. Thanks!

  • I'd be more concerned about the freebore than the twist rate as it relates to this discussion. You will have to pick an optimum and an alternative if you will mostly shoot heavies setup for that with a 1:7 and proper freebore and as a secondary run the 40grn bullets realizing you might not achieve the same accuracy.

    If Travis is building you this rifle give him a ring -- wealth of info can be gained from him.

  • There is no issue with shooting lighter bullets in faster twists.

    I have a 22 creedmoor with a 7 twist and have fired 50gr varmint bullets from it. A 22-250 with an 8 twist with similar results. A 22BR will most definitely not have the horsepower to spin these lighter bullets apart, nor would it have an effect on how they shot.

  • @tan_90 The light bullets in the burners actually react more favorably to longer freebore than a tight freebore. My 22-250 and 22 creed are both setup for 80gr bergers. .080" freebore on one, .120 on the other if I recall, and the jump frees up a bit of velocity in the little pills. They still shoot quite well whether heavies or light.

    Though I don't think I'd go as light as 40gr. Especially with the boiler room the 22BR will have. The 40's just haven't behaved well in much of anything I've tried. ;)

  • @orkan Agreed -- I think 7 twist setup for heavies has no real downside in this context. Get a 7 twist benchmark and be a happy fella!

  • Thank all of you for your advise. I don't have any realtime behind a 22BR rifle but plan to spend a great deal of time with one in the near future along with reloading. What a venture from rimfire, but I look forward to the challenge and the adventure. Again, thank you!