Am I Seeing Double??

  • Is there an optical affect on looking through a rifle scope while wearing corrective lens (frames or contact lens) and if so, can it be corrected other than removing your glasses before looking through the scope?

  • @buddhaman Corrective lenses can have a drastic affect on looking through a rifle scope. Just as the glasses or contacts have a prescription, so too does the lens pack in the optic. That prescription can be changed by adjusting the parallax and the diopter.

    On lower end scopes, the diopter and parallax can often times not achieve the correct prescription for shooters with corrected vision. On most high end scopes, you can find a setting that will work. Set your parallax to max/infinity. Aim into a featureless area of the sky. Look through the optic with your corrective lenses and adjust the diopter to bring the reticle into focus, but make sure you break contact and come back into view multiple times to ensure the initial glance produces a clear reticle. Then you can test the parallax correction and focus (and they are different) at various ranges to ensure you are able to view targets in focus and free of parallax.

    The more corrected your vision is, often the more disparity there will be between your range markings on the scope and the actual range it will be clear and parallax free.

    The relationship between diopter adjustment and parallax adjustment is an important one to understand. Feel free to call me at your convenience and I can take you through a higher level pass if you so desire.

  • @orkan Excellent explanation. And thank you for an earlier in-depth explanation of the benefits of TT scopes .... a wise and forgiving investment for these aging eyes!

  • @orkan Since we are on the topic of corrective glasses, are you familiar with a reputable company that can provide high quality, protective, prescription shooting glasses?

  • @buddhaman Unfortunately I do not. I elected to go a different direction. I wore contacts at one point, and then had the opportunity to get my eyes fixed with laser surgery. That was over a decade ago and has served me extremely well.

  • @orkan I had mine done many years ago by one of the leading researchers in the field, Dr. Margarite McDonald. I can be such an a-hole for perfection and not having to be bothered with having to have on hand reading glasses, I've incorporated very minor adjustments to my distance lenses and wear these most all the time just so that I can have the convenience of peepers on the bottom along with minimally improved distance vision. I see almost near perfect distance without the frames, so guess what, I'll be looking for a good pair of protective shooting glasses combined with some peepers on the bottom. You may ask yourself .... why in the hell after all these years haven't you had or worn safety glasses? Dumb and young for way too long!! I've been risking these eyes far too long .... I want to continue to do the things I enjoy for as long as I can. Sight plays one of the most important factors in being able to do so. But thanks for your response regarding problems while wearing glasses and how to correct the issue when looking through a scope. It will surely help those having to wear corrective lenses.