Cartridge selection episode 1

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    Matthew 7:7-8
    [7] ¶ Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
    [8] For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

  • I'm feeling 100% on my scope decision for my 22BR. But after listening to your video post on the 17WSM and wind drift, it's got me reconsidering my existing scope. Presently I have a Sig Sauer Whiskey 5 , 5-25x52 SFP with Hellfire TriPlex reticle. I have a custom ballistic turret for the 25 grain bullet on the scope and in ways, I like the convenience of the elevation adjustment .... and a 20 grain bullet is an easy turret replacement. Now, I have not done any testing of the turrets with the new rifle being built for me so I have nothing to judge the accuracy of elevation using these turrets and realize that the ballistic turret will have to be recalculated and etched for the new rifle. Bottom line, I will still need to use a range finder to get distance and then physically adjust the ballistic elevation turret to distance. But when it comes to windage, I will have to calculate and utilize the 1/10 Mil windage adjustment knob and count or view clicks since the reticle has no mil hash marks and is in SFP. Now that I've worn your eyes out reading all this stuff, what scope would you recommend for a 17WSM shooting 200 yards ... no more than 400 yards - both 20 & 25 grain? I have a reliable rangefinder and Kestrel 5700. Thank you.

  • @buddhaman I don't like BDC reticles or turrets. I'm a firm believer in the mil system.

    As to which specific scope... that would depend largely on budget, and just how nice you want it to be.

  • My concerns are trying to make first shot corrections as best as possible. That being said, scopes ranging around $1500, $2500, and $4500 ... with pros and cons. Thank you.

  • @buddhaman My go-to high end scope for this application on a 17WSM will be the TT315M with Gen2XR reticle. At the $3800 price point, it would be the upper end.

    There are numerous possibilities beneath that, to include Leupold MK5HD, Kahles, Nightforce, etc.

    Mil/Mil/FFP being a requisite of mine.

  • Thank you. I'll call you Thursday to discuss and place an order.