Use a grain mill to make your own tumbling media.

  • Some of you may know that I've been using rice to tumble my brass with fantastic success for many years. The article on that is found here:

    The only issue I've run into is that the rice is often too large and gets stuck in .17 and .20 caliber case necks. The cases pack with rice but it's ultra-difficult to get out.

    I've solved this problem by getting a grain mill and running a coarse grinding op on a batch of rice. This single batch of ground rice will be good for many thousands of cases! You could use this same process to make your own custom media out of nearly anything compatible with your grain mill.

  • Another Primal Rights exclusive ... 10lb refined milled rice media for sale. I'm guessing brass is brass so you'd be looking at .17 on up.

  • @buddhaman I find that the regular rice of the specific make/model we mention in the original article works perfectly well on 22cal and up. However, the milled rice is necessary on the smaller calibers.

  • @orkan I understand. Those shooting 17-20 may not want to invest in a mill to do 1000 pieces of brass and the milled rice would also work for those shooting higher calibers. Just a thought ... maybe not a good one, but ??? Thanks

  • @buddhaman It's a good idea... and I'd happily provide some for anyone that wants it. :)

  • So kind Amigo. You won't be making any money (and I know making money is of no concern or determination in your decision), but I sincerely offer gratitude on behalf of the time taken away from assisting so many other folks in pursuit of becoming a better rifle driver just to help a handful of reloaders. Kind and giving of yourself ... that's where I place you in my thoughts. Thank you.