Presidents Day

  • I will be marking this one on the calendar. Woke up and it was ten degrees with a thick layer of powdery snow here in South Texas. I didn't quite have enough water running and my pressure pump froze last night at least we still have power. I need a shed to house my well equipment this is unnecessary and might be costly. Looking at my phone weather ap it's pretty doggone cold everywhere I'm thankful it didn't get much colder or wetter. Still not as bad as a hurricane. The sun is out and hopefully in a few hours the white stuff is gone.

  • The white stuff.

  • I've been wondering how people are doing down there. The few times I've been in that area the first thing I would notice was the exposed water lines all over the place and where they are underground they are just under the sod. We typically are 6ft minimum underground and if I were to do my pump house again I would put it in a pit.

  • @brittel I just moved from the Coast of Texas to our property between San Antonio and Laredo. We hardly ever had hard freezes on the coast but when we did it was pure havoc. Wrecks, busted pipes and houses burning down from space heaters running on extension cords you name it. Out here kind of the same thing but the old timers took care of everything and when a freeze was coming they just turned the water off and drained the lines. Only lasted a couple of days didn't need a thousand gallons of water a day out here only for the cows if you had some. Most of the older ranch houses didn't have pressurized water it was gravity fed from a cistern this place went to a pressurized system in the late 60's. They basically set a tank on the ground and put a pump on it for pressure and called it good. More serious folks built a pump house for the equipment and I am headed that direction. Once the pump thawed out today and I got water to my building I went back over to the storage tank to discover a two inch valve going to the cattle troughs had frozen and burst. I managed to round up some fittings and got the leak stopped but I will have to drain the tank and replace the valve eventually. It's hard to do with a couple thousand gallons of water in the tank. It won't be long and it will be 105 degrees in the shade here.

  • I bet those pictures feel other-worldly to you southern folk. :)

    Up here it's not entirely uncommon for it to look like that from the middle of october to the middle of april. This year I pushed snow once in october and haven't touched it since. Feels super weird... as I can't remember that happening in my lifetime. Everything is reversed!

  • @orkan Seeing 9 degrees on a thermometer is unusual this far south. Today it’s about 20 right now but the east wind cuts like a knife. I stayed out yesterday fixing two water leaks and it didn’t bother me too much but we had no wind. I felt it last night I couldn’t get warm even eating a bushel of chicken and dumplings. I drove to my neighbors place to get a empty molasses tub to make a cover for a water valve and they had snow over my boots. He’s kind of on a rise from me heck I had snow inside the shop. Roll up doors are open at the top it’s still in there. What a mess. I just got off the phone with one of the guys from back home that does electrical and mechanical work on boats and he has a shipment of new generators coming I might put s deposit on a 20 kw. I almost put one up here after hurricane Harvey we’re lucky we still have power I have money in the budget for one. Pretty good chunk of change.

  • @bigfoot Standard operating procedure up here. I have a 20kw propane generator here with 2,000 gallons of LP to run it. :) We can lose power for weeks and it will be no big deal.

  • @orkan That’s a big tank. Terry, the guy that installs them told me they use around 2 gallons per hour depending on the load that might be heavy I don’t know. These are new air cooled units so not much maintenance just change the oil. It comes with the automatic switch I know they’re kind of pricey really don’t need it just a double throw but they are kind of high too. I might go ahead and wire the money I can always sell it if I don’t have him install it if we had kept our other house I was getting one for it for hurricane use. He sold four yesterday it will be a couple of months before his crew can come here anyway.

  • San Marcos is about 45 miles north of San Antonio, so a little north of Bigfoot. Sunday night there was a light snow starting about 10 pm. The north wind really started howling about midnight. Monday morning it was 9 degrees and there was a foot of powdery snow. What woke me up at 5:00 am was the smoke alarm signaling that the power was off. Power was out until about 3:00 pm and house got down to 50 degrees. Nothing here works without electricity. Power came back on and went back off just as it got dark. Monday night it was 6 degrees from sunset until about 10:00 Tuesday. It’s been low teens all day today and power is on 1 hour/ off 3 hours. Our houses are not built for this kind of weather. It snows about half an inch every decade. I have enough AC to maintain a 30 degree drop from summer heat but barely enough electric resistance heat to get through a night in the 40s. Tonight and Wednesday are forecast to be snowing and low teens. Not believing in Global Warming so much right now.

  • We're experiencing light snow and sleet this morning but still have power. The big ranch on my south side is without power the foreman stopped by yesterday and told me he lost a cow and a calf from the cold. Out of 200 head I guess it could be worse. No range cubes or protein to be had and they have fed out what they had stored supplies should start moving the roads have thawed a bit however we have two more sub freezing nights ahead of us. No use going into town most everything is closed and no power to operate.

  • It has been snowing five hours now but melting on the surface. I remember one year m grandfather had snow on his wheat here. One of his best wheat crops.