Advice for 7MM Rem Mag

  • Hi this is my 1st post. I am setting up for a new gun/cartridge in 7mm Rem Mag for an elk hunt this fall. Obviously sourcing components right now has been ridiculous but here are my options as of today. I have located some ADG and RWS brass. RWS is almost 3$ a piece and the ADG I will have to buy as loaded ammo around 3.50$. I would also like any input on hunting bullets that anyone has real world experience with on elk. Guide is saying 2-500 yd shots with anything longer improbable. Ive looked at Nosler Partition, AB, Scirocco, and a frames in the 150-160 grain range. It may come down to just whatever I can locate 200 of. I found 400 SST at my local store to do break in and practice with but this is my only 7mm loading and I am new/inexperienced in 7MM so any advice is appreciated.

  • What twist is your barrel?

  • 1-9"

  • @bcon I'd look hard at the Berger 168gr Classic hunter or the 175gr Elite hunter.

  • @orkan ok I was able to find an 8lb Ed of Norma MRP and I still have H4831 left from my win mag. Powders you like for 7mag? Also how are the Berger’s at high velocity short range?

  • @bcon said in Advice for 7MM Rem Mag:

    Powders you like for 7mag?

    H1000, Retumbo. Bergers are awesome.

  • 160 Nosler Accubond with H4831SC or H1000 is also a common, easy combo that both shoots and kills well. The Accubond tends to stay together more than a Berger, especially at high velocity.

  • @tscustoms Ok I don't have SC just the full grain 4831 but thank you both for the advice. I shoot 185 vld classic hunter in 308 for TN whitetail and they are absolute bombs but I was concerned with penetration on an elk sized animal. Im leaning toward 4831 bc I don't want to have to share what retumbo I have left between 2 rifles. Already using the good stuff in the 300 Norma Mag barrel you did for me in 19' Travis.

  • @bcon The lighter of 7mm bullet you choose, the more likely 4831 will work well with it. 180-195's typically won't play as well with it.