Berger pills

  • I am considering trying some Berger bullets. I am wanting something that will be just as accurate on target as the 175 smk's I've been using, but will also expand for hunting.

    Berger has VLD-hunting, hybrid, target, jug, and I think a few others and I am not sure exactly which I want. Weight is in question as well. I have always used 175's, but with a 1:10 twist I believe I can go heavier now...but don't know if I should.

  • VLD Hunting bullets perform quite well on critters. Hybrids are OK, but have a thicker jacket so they typically don't leave the wound channel the VLD's do. I've never shot anything with juggernauts. They sure are a nice target bullet though.

    I'd give the 185gr Classic Hunter a look. They have a hybrid ogive, which is closer to the SMK than the VLD bullets with their defined secant ogive.

    Bullet selection is pretty dependent upon cartridge, rifle configuration, type of target, and intended distance. If you can fill in the blanks there, I might be able to narrow the focus a bit.

  • I will be shooting these out of my 308, 22" 1:10.

    I want the potential to shoot out as far as possible, but currently only have access to 600 yards except for a few times a year where the distance is almost unlimited. As far as hunting goes...Where I hunt everything will be within 200 yards...and usually more like 100 yards. I shot a deer at 108 yards this last fall with muzzle loader and that was a abnormally long shot for where I hunt...but it is possible for them to walk up at around 200 yards if they are in the right place...I've just never seen them there.

  • I used the 168 grain Berger classic hunters for awhile didn't play with them a whole lot found a load that shot around 1/2 moa and went hunting.

    They dropped deer, but I only fired a box before I got rid of my 308.

  • 308's kill best with light bullets. You need to get the velocity up. I'd lean hard on the 155's.