reloader 15 in 6.5 creedmoor

  • i bought some reloader 15 to try out in the 6.5 creedmoor. now i have a problem. cant find any published data for it. i have 129 grain lapua scenars and 140 grain sierra mk. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Look at the 130 Noslers load data for the RL-15 it will give you a place to start your workup.

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  • @mamalukino Thank you, i did a google search and a checked all the online sites i could get info from. must not have checked that one apperently. Much appreciated!

  • If you shoot it year round, I hope you like temperature swing.

  • @orkan is it real bad? I also picked up some of the new imr 466? cant recall what the number is right off hand. Its the one that Chris Hodgdon says is "Varget with copper fouling eliminator"

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  • @7david7 that was the enduron 4166

  • @mamalukino looks stable from freezing to "room" temp. I'll have to do some testing to see what -15 to mid 90 degrees differences are. Thank you. This site is awesome btw.

  • @7david7

    It seems like they have potential. I'm Flush with Varget otherwise I'd give it a try.

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  • CED M1 chronograph isn't exactly something I'd trust. Believe me. I had two and neither were worth the cheap molded plastic they are comprised of. When I got a PVM-21 and compared it against the CED, I saw FPS error to the tune of 150-250fps... even with the CED IR screens.

    Also, for a cartridge as small as a dasher to have a 76fps velocity swing across those temps is pretty significant. Compare that to the varget tested, at about half that much swing. I have tested RL15 in a 308 and used a PVM 21 to record the velocities from about 40f to 80f, and saw nearly 75fps in that test. Afterward I literally poured that 1lb'er on the pavement in the shape of a long snake and set fire to it.... just so I wouldn't be tempted to try it in anything.

    The lot-to-lot consistency is not good with that powder, and even if it were, it is too temp sensitive. It doesn't do anything that varget won't. Guys claiming huge velocity increases when switching to it from varget simply do not know how to work a load.

    IMR Enduron seems to be quite good according to guys that have used it. I have tons of the H powders, so I haven't used it yet. It's noteworthy however that IMR is owned by hodgdon. So no doubt, the temp sensitivity in the H extreme line, has shared it's tech with the IMR enduron line.

  • @mamalukino

    What program did you use to estimate that data?

  • @a_marks
    Google search result.
    My experience with Rl-15 is limited to .308 and .223/5.56 .
    I have used it quite extensively with great results and have not had any temperature problems with it due to living someplace that has about a 10 degree F. average temperature swing between summer and winter.

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  • @mamalukino

    Ok thanks. I thought you were using a program to estimate velocity changes.

  • well, i think i know what my brother is getting for christmas this year, a shiny pound of RL15!

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