Hitting the Lottery 2021 Style

  • Last night I was just randomly cruising the Academy Sports website, since they have a corporate no-gouging price policy. I rarely look anywhere right now, it is a waste of time. But I was killing time, so I uncharacteristically hit a couple of sites. And what do I see showing as available at the store 4 miles from me? CCI primers. I said "No way, has to be a mistake". So I jumped in the car and drove down with my wife. I walked out with half this:
    0_1611533079559_CCI Primers Jan 2021 Cropped.jpg
    Obviously they actually had them, with a 3 per customer limit (thus the wife). So we picked up the limit, then went back this morning for the other half. Truly like the lottery.

    Bu the even more amazing thing I learned was from a discussion with the gentleman running the counter. He told me that Mon-Fri, every single day, they have 15-30 dudes standing in line to be the first in the door to buy whatever ammo they may have, even though they have no idea if any ammo will be in stock until the door opens. And the dumbfounding thing to me in all of it is that he said the line starts forming between 3:30-6:00am, even though they don't open until 9am. Absolutely bizarre behavior we humans can twist ourselves into.

    This past year has been quite the social science study in human tendencies and motivations. All the fear, panic, toilet paper rush, gun rush, ammo rush, it just keeps going. It all shows how truly fragile everything about our modern society really is, and how easily it can all b e turned on its head at a whim.

    Imagine what it is going to be like when something REALLY bad happens.