Forster and non-bushing

  • Over the weekend I needed to do some load dev for 4 bullets for 762x51

    147gr "ball" (M80 bullet)
    132gr "tracer" (M62 bullet)
    155gr SMK (candidate bullet to accompany APIT spotting rounds for long distance fire)
    155gr APIT (spotting rounds for long distance fire)

    I maintain prepped brass, so that wasn't a problem. But I realized I would need to adjust the seating die for each bullet, since they were different lengths. Fortunately, I had loaded copies off all the rounds I was cloning, so this was easier than I expected.
    These rounds will definitely NOT be anything resembling "match" bullets, but it would be nice if they would all fall in the same general area when fired.

    So, I've decided to take the plunge and switch from my current RCBS T7 turret and bushing die setup and switch to forster press and non-bushing dies. Not only have many of you followed this path, but you've finally explained WHY - which is critical for information penetrating my noggin' ... :)

    Finding long rifle primers is still tough. I have just 8,900-ish and have been able to gather 1,000 per month over the past 2 months, so at least I'm gathering them faster than I'm using them.

    Finding the powders I want is also tough. I've been able to get 12 pounds of powder I want over the past 2 months, so again, at least gathering it faster than I'm using it.

    But in searching and searching over the past week, I have found NOTHING. Though a few shops act like you can buy if you come in the shop. Unfortunately there are no shops within ~100 miles of me. But I have a buddy that grabs some for me.