Natural Point of Aim and Finding Truth For Yourself

  • I have been catching you guys on You Tube every morning and sat in on this episode today. I stole my wife's ear buds and can listen without any distractions so she can go about her routine. The weather has been so beautiful here for live shooting but on bad weather days I set up a bench in my shop and practice the techniques you discuss. Through you two I can see the problems I have with my shooting technique and hopefully with enough repetition I can get to a higher level and end the frustration of the wild shots I produce. I know some rifles just won't shoot but like you say maybe the Indian not the arrow.

  • Excellent refresher videos from the course. Good stuff you are both doing. Thank you for taking the time to produce.

  • I have watched all of them on Youtube so far. What time is the live broadcast? Seems like I remember 7:30, but not sure of the time zone.

  • @flyinphill We're trying out 8am Central time presently.