• I have shot at more coyotes the last two weeks than the previous years of my life. I never really looked for them and usually gave them a pass if they cruised by when I was deer hunting. I missed another one today so the score since I have moved here is two to one. I got one with my Savage 22 long rifle and it wasn't too pretty I'll leave it at that. Not really hunting the darn things I guess you would call it opportunity shots they just seem to appear especially when I'm not armed. I just wonder if you would have any luck calling them this close to a house they don't seem to mind crossing right behind it.

  • @bigfoot If they are coming right up to the house, then you should be able to call them into the same area.

  • @orkan I don't know if it's the same one passing by sometimes twice a day it came through this morning and I was a bit underdressed to go mess with it. A few night ago there was lots of yipping going on and the next morning one was in a wallow the pigs dug up after something. A couple of cara cara's were there so I figured it was taking care of some leftovers from the night before. Might see if I can borrow a call from the foreman across the road they constantly control the coyotes in their place with the animals they have on that place.

  • @bigfoot Get practiced up on your homegrown. It’s pitch black right now and about 25 of the filthy varmints just decided to sing out by the tank behind the ranch house. Another pack was answering them from the horse trap. No wonder my fawn survival rate is so low.

  • Got a video of a coyote this morning a little after eight. Long ways from the house this time.