7 LRM question

  • I'm finally getting around to working up loads for my TS customs 26" 1/8" twist 7 LTM barrel for the DT. I ordered a modified case from Gunwerks to measure OGIVE with a 180 grain Berger VLD Target. I am getting measurements that seem too short; the bullet visually just looks too deep in the case neck.

    OGIVE - 2.627", COAL - 3.315"

    There seems to be little online, but one other guy I saw got COAL of 3.400" using 180 gr Hybrids (slightly different design, I realize). That's a major difference of 0.085".

    What are you all getting? Why do the bullets look seated so deep? Any help is appreciated - thanks.

  • @becoolman The neck on the LRM is very long. This can be deceiving to some.

  • @orkan Okay thanks. I measured the OGIVE using the hornady tool about 7 times to make utterly sure. I will go with it and see how it shoots.

  • Hmmm, when I try to chamber a factory Gunwerks 180 gr ELD-M, (2.688” CBTO), it takes quite a bit of pressure and there are rifling marks on the bullet when I eject it. Definitely jamming it in the lands. Something seems wrong. Don’t know why I would be a whole 70/1000’s shorter than the factory ammo. (I realize the ammo shape is slightly different, but doesn’t seem like enough to account for the large difference in CBTO).