Setting Up A Bipod

  • For shooting rifles not cameras. I have a Manfroto MT294A3 tripod for camera use but it's just sitting around gathering dust. Too big to use in our bunk house for now and I just thought of something. Instead of propping up on barbed wire fences and gates that swing for pig sniping and other varmint shooting lets put this thing to use. I have never tried shooting from one of these things but it has to be better than getting jabbed by barbs and scratching the heck out of my rifles. This tripod has a fully adjustable head can I adapt to the camera shoe or is there a replacement head for it that will work? I have no experience with one of these things it's a pretty stout tripod but the ones I have seen for shooting look heavier. I want to get serious with pig control after deer season and I don't want to hunt from a blind. I had a shot at a coyote today but no way to get a rest in short notice so I thought of this. Only rifles I have with rails on the underside are my AR's and that's fine but I would like to use a bolt rifle as well with a smooth stock like my CZ 527 or the SOCOM. I don't have a problem with attaching a rail section on the bottom of the junk stock the 458 is in it's the plastic factory one until I get a better stock with the correct hardware. Any help?

  • If your current ball head has an arca attachment, then a simple arca rail on the bottom of the stock will work well.

    You can also get a hogs saddle or RRS Vyce to hold rifles that do not have a rail. I have not used either of these. I prefer to put rails on my rifles as I feel that it is a more solid solution.

    This is the rail on the bottom of my RimX. It is a RRS rail, but a lot of companies sell arca compatible rails.


  • @dddoo7 It has the arca attachment but it looks smaller than yours and I have the one that came with the tripod that is 1/4x20 threads. I will look into the hog saddle I'm not too keen on that idea either but don't have a choice unless I mount something to the stock. Thanks.

  • @bigfoot From what I gather Manfroto accepts either one arca or theirs designated as rc2. This is all new to me. I found a website called Predator Hunters Outdoors that has a bunch of tripod gadgets.

  • @bigfoot I'd go with the RRS Vyce rather than the Hog saddle... if you're going to go that route.

  • I think I will order this piece and mount it on my Blackout hand guard. It's a Troy and is a Key Mod type my other AR has a picatinny rail section made on it and it's a .223 I would rather shoot the Blackout suppressed. I'm afraid the Manfroto head has too many pivot points to support a rifle correctly might as well get a dedicated tripod system like an RRS but for now before sinking money in adapters try this one and see.

  • I have come to really trust RRS parts. This one is the same price as the one you listed and is RRS. I have not tried this one, but I have the M-Lok one and it works well.

  • @dddoo7 The adapter I might order is made for a Manfroto RC2 quick release cam. I was going to try my Manfroto tripod before buying a complete new system unless I can put an RRS head on my Manfroto legs I don't think the RRS adapter will work on a RC2. I checked out RRS SOAR website yesterday it's gonna take a pretty good chunk of change to put one of theirs together.

  • I kind of did a 180 and went ahead and bought a low profile lightweight ball head from Manfroto. It came with an Arca mount and two single hole Arca plates. I bought a 4" plate with multiple mounting holes and attached it to my 527 today. The stock on this rifle has an aluminum skeleton inside the composite material and all I had to do was center the plate up and get some good marks and drill and tap the stock with a 1/4 x 20 tap. The aluminum must run towards the end of the stock a ways I hit it drilling both mounting holes towards the end of the plate. I had some inserts I thought I would have to epoxy in but luckily it wasn't necessary barring a disaster if the aluminum happens to strips out. The only other problem is the bolts to mount the plate. I had to machine a reduced portion of the shank these plates have an undersized slot and are threaded at one end so when the bolt or screw is inserted into the plate it holds it captive so you don't lose it when you remove the plate from the camera or whatever you mount the plate to. It's a good idea but limits mounting unless you have some special tools. I also got a picatinny rail to Arca adapter for using the ball head with a rail like some AR's. The ball head is rated for 22 pounds so it's definitely wimpy and the entire set up is springy. I will say the controls on it work extremely well it has a click adjustment for pre load on the ball that can be adjusted easily and the lock handles are spring loaded so you can orientate them to a position that's handy to lock the ball if you want to. My main concern is dirt and believe me I have dirt here. Might make a cloth protector to keep it out. Money wise I have a little over two hundred bucks in it. If I don't get too rough with it I'll get some miles out of it if not I have a video camera to throw on it.QXiBbvr.jpg
    Out of focus mounting boltsgoOix4k.jpg


  • I just went out and set my Blackout on it and twirled it around a couple of times. Right now it is way out of balance it is heavy in the rear end but when I screw the suppressor on it should be close to center of gravity as discussed in the last episode of Bullets From The Bible. When the weather breaks here next week I am going to do some target work with the Blackout shooting 110 grain Super's on this tiny bipod rig. I let two bunches of pigs pass by this week I'm falling down on the job.

  • I just noticed I titled this thread " Setting up a bipod " . Sorry should have been tripod. :/ duh

  • @bigfoot Well, late is better than never. ;)