Deer Pics

  • A few bad pictures of a nice younger buck that has been coming around traumatizing the does. Deer barely get older than four years in low fence pastures. He has some potential and we have a couple other ones that are just getting some head gear but there's still more days on the calendar for buck tags to be filled out. I have another Rebel camera body I need to get a zoom lens for this Canon Sure Shot doesn't cut it. It was on today there was three breeding age bucks out today and some spikes that are just in the way among the does.
    I have some good video of bucks running the does I just have to upload them.


  • @bigfoot Yup, in about 3 years he'd really be something. :)

  • @orkan man it was Animal Planet here this morning. The temperature dropped forty degrees over night. I got some good video of three good bucks in rut but didn't get a fight going. A couple squared off but the dominant one took the doe. They get plumb stupid this time of year.