• I made this last night with shrimp, sausage and chicken. It was looking good without the shrimp I know not everyone cares for them or can even get them at their local market. I improvised this recipe after watching some You Tube video of different takes on this dish.
    You will need the following:
    One bone in chicken breast half deboned and cut into small chunks.
    A link of sausage. I used smoked pork I make traditional Jambalaya uses andouille sausage.
    A chopped white onion. I used about 2/3 of a cup if you like onions use more.
    A green pepper chopped finely. If you have a red pepper throw some in.
    Four stalks of celery chopped finely.
    A 12 ounce can of chicken broth.
    A can of diced tomatoes or crushed. 14.5 ounces.
    One cup of Jasmine Minute Rice.
    Louisiana Hot Sauce
    Garlic Salt
    Black Pepper
    Cayenne Pepper
    Tony Chacheres More Spice Seasoning
    I also added some paprika if you have smoked paprika it gives it a good flavor

    Here's how I cooked it in a heavy stew pot:
    Season the chicken chunks with Tony's and set it aside while you chop the other ingredients.
    On medium heat get the pot heated up with a teaspoon or more of oil in it if you have rendered bacon grease use that and once it's hot brown the chicken stirring often until it just turns white then add the chopped onions and then the sausage. Continue cooking the meats and onions down and if you have to add a little oil or grease. My pork sausage had some fat in it and I was fine. You want to get all the caramelized goody mixed in this so keep it moving and scrape the pot if it sticks. Add the celery and green pepper and continue cooking it all down until the vegetables are soft but not over cooked then pour in the chicken broth. I brought it up to a boil and reduced to a simmer then started adding seasonings. I already had Tony's on the chicken so it was mostly to taste once the broth got flavored with all the other stuff. Don't want it too salty so keep a spoon handy to taste. I added four or five shots of hot sauce to it and a healthy dash of cayenne and it had plenty of heat. I let it simmer about twenty minutes then dumped the can of tomatoes in and brought it back up to a good simmer maybe fifteen minutes or so then dropped the shrimp in and the minute rice. Minute rice is already cooked so all you do is hydrate it for about six minutes or until it's tender. An option is sprinkling some chopped green onions on top right before you dish it out but I forgot to. Mainly for a little color. It turned out good pic's are coming.

  • @bigfoot here we go.


  • Nice! Thanks for sharing!

    Jambalaya has been on my list to make for a couple weeks now. I have all the ingredients too. I prefer to use a medium grain rice instead of jasmine. It tends to hold up a bit better and not turn soggy after sitting in the fridge or being frozen for later. I like to add in okra, jalapeño and more bell peppers than what you’ve written out. I also like to garnish with green onion. Soooo good!

  • @lottie Minute Rice is cooked then dried so yes it gets soggy especially the next day. Just about all the chefs that make this dish add uncooked rice last and some cook the rice and serve the Jambalaya on top of a bed of rice. Either way it's good. I make pepper steak almost the same way I will have to get my recipe book out and make some.