Lake City LR Brass

  • I loaded some .308 in this brass yesterday for some load work and I had two out of twenty seven that wouldn't chamber. A couple more were tight but not bad and one after firing took some effort to lift the bolt. That being said the red flag has been raised. I primed exactly 100 with a CPS Lite and noticed some primers went in with no effort mentally I started keeping count and had between seven and ten I believe were sloppy. Damn I wish I had thrown them in the trash. Case heads must be swelled beyond salvaging. I ran all these through a RCBS full length die with lots of cam over in the press when I processed them I guess the die just didn't get it and if the pocket is too big everything else probably is. I measured the web area with a micrometer on the two that wouldn't go and they are .002 over .470 so I guess that's enough. Could have a tight chamber I know the headspace is right I had it checked twice since the new chamber was cut. Maybe his reamer had some wear. I can see some scuff marks on the case towards the head on the two that won't chamber. Never had a problem with commercial brass this is the first experience with Lake City sad news is I have a fair amount of it. I should be getting a couple hundred pieces of Lapua in a week or so meanwhile I better dig out some other brass. No damage done but I was told this stuff wasn't worth the effort.

  • Lake City LR brass was quite heavily over-hyped in the early 2000's as far forward as 2015.

    Lapua will likely treat you much better.

  • @orkan Yep, you mentioned that when I was messing with some General Dynamics brass. The Lake City sounded like a good idea at the time but it's turning into more work than it's worth. I could have five hundred pieces of Lapua for what I have in this stuff maybe more.

  • @bigfoot if you prime the LC, you can probably sell it for enough to buy 2 pieces of lapua for every primed LC.

  • @dddoo7 Something to consider. Might not want to sacrifice the primers.

  • @bigfoot The primers will probably quadruple the price of the brass. lol

  • @orkan They always say don't put all your eggs in one basket.

  • I made a gauge today to see how many pieces of brass out of 100 were swelled. I bored a piece of stainless bar stock to .471 and dropped the brass in the bore and if it fell through I didn't try chambering it in my rifle. I had seven that wouldn't go and a couple that could be pushed through with a little effort. My bore is a little rough in the gauge it needed to be polished to the final measurement but what the heck. Sure enough the ones that won't fall through won't chamber. On a brighter note I received my Lapua brass today and some other goodies. Call it a late Christmas. They say it might snow here.............

  • Redneck pecker checker. First one I made out of brass and polished it too much this one could have been .0005 smaller I might make one more. Me and snap gauges don't get along on stuff this small I did make a plug gauge that measured just what I was after.