Powder Measure

  • I need a new one. What my old Lyman does to stick powder is unreal. I could grind coffee beans in that thing. I have a Redding sitting in my shopping cart right now it's either it or a RCBS if I can find one. Both look like the same principal. ????

  • @bigfoot Prometheus... obviously. ;)

  • @orkan Maybe one day..............

  • A Beldin & Mull does a good job of dispensing long stick powder but for really precision work it is necessary to trickle to final weight. It takes some time to get your technique consistent.

  • @rr2241tx I ordered a Redding. It can't be any worse than the ancient Lyman I rescued from the scrap man. Don't think I have ever seen a Beldin & Mull. I've seen a Harrell. I have a Dandy trickler that will drop one stick at a time. The weak link is the balance scale. I have played with it dropping granules of different powders and sometimes I can see movement of the needle from two sticks and sometimes three or more. I doubt the three or so sticks has much effect on my shooting accuracy. My shooting equipment isn't of precision quality from the monkey behind the recoil pad all the way to the end of the barrel. I do strive to make the best of it though.

  • @bigfoot I received the Redding measure Monday and set it up that afternoon. I ordered the mount for it but one came with it I sure didn't see it in the description anybody needs one I got it. I gave it a good dusting of powdered graphite after cleaning with alcohol and sent some ball powder through it before weighing some charges. It still feels gritty maybe in time it will smooth up. Sure easier to hit the weight with the dial setting the old Lyman took some patience. I need to use it a lot more it drops different weights but once you get a rhythm it is pretty consistent. Still use the trickler though to finish. Gonna send some stick powder through it today.

  • @bigfoot I’ll take that mount off your hands. Put a bill in the box, I’ve got Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket.

    If you’re having sensitivity issues with your beam balance, pull the arm out and inspect the knife edge. It’s easy to dull it when moving the scale if you don’t make a practice of putting it in rest position when you’re not using it. Check the stone block too to be sure it isn’t worn or chipped. Ohaus made most of the common ones and may be able to help you if yours is damaged.

    Or you could just run over to EC’s and bum time on his Prometheus;-)

  • @rr2241tx No telling how old that 505 scale is I didn't buy it new. I have looked at the knife or whatever it's called and appears to be ok I usually just blow it out with canned air. I got a chunk of styrofoam and made a protector for the beam when I take it apart and store it it usually sits on the bench zeroed but it's awful dusty here I need to blow it out often. I'll send you the mount don't worry about that it would be a hassle trying to return it and get credit my mistake.