Christmas Cactus

  • I usually buy one of these this time every year not just for Christmas but my wife has a December birthday and I don't go crazy shopping. Usually I buy plants or something we both enjoy after all a birthday and Christmas the same month, that's just not fair. I mix it up sometimes it's an orchid plant or some kind of bulbs like an Amaryllis. The white looking cactus we have had since 2007 the other one is from last year. We have had more they sometimes get rot or something wrong and die. Maybe over watering. These two survivors are fixing to bloom in the next weeks I will post up their progress.JMXH74Q.jpg

  • They are starting to bust open and should be in full bloom in a few days. The white one has the droopsy's.

  • These are beautiful! They look like a fun plant to have around too!

  • They're pretty neat sometimes they bloom twice. Lots of different colors don't aske me how they pull that off. We had to bring them inside there is a norther blowing now that would shred them they're kind of fragile. You can poke a broken leaf I guess you can call it in some potting soil and it will root and make a little cactus but we've never had one get really big or flower. That white one has been around thirteen years it kind of shows it.

  • The red one has really opened up the white one isn't too far behind. It's not quite Christmas yet.
    Slow poke

  • @bigfoot Those are fantastic! I’ve never had one survive more than a month. I’m a Christmas Cactus Serial Killer. Love them though. The hillside along Tantalus Drive on Oahu used to be covered in these plants. It was beautiful.

  • Tips on how to care for a Christmas Cactus. Apparently they can live an extremely long time:

    One is on my list for when the time is right :)

  • @lottie Interesting article. Well, we did move from a very humid almost tropical climate here and they have been sitting out in a plant rack getting some sun and some shade. The nights we are dropping below 32 degrees we have been bringing them in a freeze would likely put an end to them. They sound kind of like orchids they don't grow in soil and we had very little luck with them I even bought orchid food and we kept a schedule but alas, they always died. The Christmas cactus sure as heck don't like it really wet. The white one now has a peach colored bloom.