• I figured when that lone big pig showed up the other evening there was a pack close by. The surrounding ranches are full of hunters now with corn feeders slinging hundreds of pounds of corn daily so naturally they're going to show up. And the fact it rained a couple of inches it made for some prime rooting in our field as you can see in the pictures. The rancher decided to plant his oats in the area they plowed up all pretty and are finishing up today. Lucky the pigs have stayed on the unbroken side of the field. They have been doing their business late at night but yesterday a group of thirty or so crashed the deer watching party going on behind our place. The deer were running for their lives when the pigs showed up so I just grabbed my Blackout and headed for the fence and picked out one of the leaders and rolled it and fired at a couple more that were hauling ass. One went down but I think it just had two left feet it got up and joined the rest. Lead pig flopped a couple of times and that was it. Went in right behind the front shoulder and didn't exit wasn't much over a hundred yards. 208 grain A Max in front of 8.0 grains of Lil'Gun.
    Dang things can dig



  • First time I saw the destruction pigs do to ground, I was on a trip down south to Oklahoma to visit the inventor of the Prometheus. It looked like someone dropped a chisel plow in the ground. Unbelievable how those critters rip the place up.

  • @orkan I have tried to disc their wallows out flat with my tractor and have to go terribly slow or I will hit my head on the ceiling of the tractor cab. We drove over to meet Jimmy when he parked the tractor this evening after planting the rest of the oats and he said the pigs are going right down the furrows the seed drill makes and eating the oat seed. They don't have the rubber tire packers that cover the seed up on this drill just pull a chain behind it. The digging they do is really a pain if you have a hay operation not so much on grazing land they sure can wreck a crop if enough of them show up. They will get in our yard if I don't shut the gates at night.

  • They will destroy everything. They do not discriminate between crops, grass, or even in the woods. I have even seen where hogs have rooted up hard packed dirt road that had been road for years. They multiply like crazy too...so like you said, if you see one there is a pack somewhere. Shoot all you can.

    They are not bad eating either. just a lot of work to get down to the sausage. lol.

  • @dddoo7 I have eaten plenty of them. They are bad about eating each other so I haven't quite had the appetite for them I used to. There was some white and brown ones in that bunch last night I really steer away from the solid black Russian variety for meat. They are pretty lean anyway so I just buy domestic pork for sausage.

  • @bigfoot The pigs are really coming in close to the house at night. They woke us up twice this week squealing and fighting or whatever pigs do in the dark. I eased out one night and threw the green kill light on them and peppered the whole bunch with a 22 just hoping they would get the message. I could sit in the back of my truck and wreak havoc on them with a shotgun and some 00.

  • Yesterday a big single boar showed up and at first was headed due east away from the house. There was a bunch of does eating their daily dose of corn behind the house and he just couldn't stand it. About three hundred yards off he stopped and surveyed the situation and changed course for the deer. Another one of his buddies appeared where he came out and when big boy made it to the hundred yard marker he got smacked in the noggin with a BO subsonic. It paralyzed him but took a follow up with .357 to finish. The legs were turned off but not the rest of it. The deer didn't even flinch a couple trotted off and were more afraid of the pig than me walking around.

  • Nasty critter!

  • Well, I was ready for them this evening I even brought out my 458 SOCOM but sorry to report I didn't connect. I had two big ones lined up and either didn't lead them enough or held over too much. I thought for sure if I didn't get both I would have gotten one. Estimated range was inside 200 yards and I heard a good solid impact but it could have been dirt I would bet if any part of one of those chunky Barnes bullets would have hit pig flesh I would have gotten a squeal. I'll go take a look in the morning one of them stopped and didn't move for a long time maybe I did connect. Sure was a hell of a flash out of the turbo brake.

  • @bigfoot I guess the one I saw standing a couple of hundred yards from where I shot at the pigs was waiting on its buddy to croak. This morning a pack of Cara Cara's was gathered over by our tank berm and a few buzzards. We took a ride up there and sure enough one black pig taking a dirt nap. Gut shot right in the middle of the body more than likely passed through I sure was hoping for a double. I didn't have my gloves when I take the tractor to load it up I'll flip it over and see what the other side looks like. Can't believe it made it that far guess even gut shot with a big bullet won't anchor them needed to contact some bones.