• Well couldn't find a knife sub section so I guess this will do.

    Had to sharpen my mistreated Buck 119 Knife today (2015 deer season was rough on it) unfortunately it's been awhile since I did any sharpening and it wasn't as nice as I would like it, that and when I moved I lost some stuff.


    Poor video:

    I have a new knife arriving tomorrow, excited.

  • @rhyno I sure do like sharp knives also. Like your paper test.:thumbsup:

  • I also have a Mora Light My Fire knife, I like this because it comes with a ferro rod in the handle, I ended up getting it after camping last year and we had issues starting a fire, I never got to use it because after camping the one time I had tons of medical issues (seriously the camping trip ended a half day to soon and my buddy rushed me to the hospital because I was a dumb ass and got super dehydrated and also had a kidney stone)


    I also gave a bunch of these to my friends and family, and told them to keep it in their vehicles, you never know. I doubt anyone did but hey.

    Then my every day knife is a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (which also needs a sharpening)


    I've actually used quite a few of the tools, including the can opener after realizing I didn't have one when I moved haha.

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    I tried a couple different knives over the years but there were always a couple things I didn't like about them (speed to open, locking mechanism, and weak retention on my pocket) but then I found the Kershaw knives. I really like the assisted open feature that you can see in the video below. I've never had it accidentally open on me in my pocket or even if I throw it down on the table when I am done for the day. The blade has held up nicely for around 2 years now and I have no complaints about it. Every 6 months or so I have to tighten the screw at the top but I also use it 5+ times a day for opening packages and what not. I wouldn't call it a hunting knife but it is great for everyday use.



    Skip ahead to 3:20

  • One of my favorite knives was a Kershaw I had a long time ago, I remeber I ran over it wor king on a combine, it smashed it and it wouldn't open.

    Sent it to Kershaw and they sent me a new one free of charge. Wish I knew what happened to that, probably left it in a piece of equipment somewhere.

  • I have had several kershaw knives and they are excellent for the price. Kershaw will stand behind them even sharpening them if they become dull, but the wicked edge will sharpen them in a few minutes too. I have probably gutted as many deer with my 2 1/2" kershaw as I have any knife. I usually forget to take anything bigger.

    When Tennessee legalized auto knives I bought a benchmade and have been carrying it ever since (about a year). Benchmade warranty is good too, but the only problem is that they will only ship auto knives back to LE. They sent me a new belt clip, but it would be difficult to get the knife back if it actually had to be sent in.

  • I love my Benchmade knives... enter here for the possibility of getting a custom:

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    I have had 2 Kershaw knives and have been very happy with them. I have never had an accidental opening. I will certainly not claim to be an expert on knives but I do use it everyday for opening boxes and some other tasks.
    Link to my current everyday carry knife:
    And link to other knives they have:

    I used to have a multi-tool on my at all times too but that got a little excessive for what I do and didn't use it enough to warrant carrying it everyday.