Bryan Blake and his 200-19X F-Class Performance

  • A few days ago, Bryan Blake of F-Class Products turned in the second highest score to ever be fired in a sanctioned F-Class match. In a 5mph+ condition... he scored a 200-19X at 1000yds! Folks, the X-ring on a 1000yd F-class target is 5" in diameter... and his one shot that was outside the X-ring missed it by about 1/32 of an inch!

    Bryan is a great guy, and by all accounts a great shooter! After speaking with him, Bryan was very excited about a couple of products that he credited as directly helping him get to that incredible performance.

    One of those products is the FCP Primer Plate. (due to be released in the coming months) This consists of our Competition Primer Seater paired up with a mounting plate, a dial indicator to confirm precise seating depths, and a counter to keep track of your primers! Very cool adaptation of our product and one that I think will be well received by those that do not wish to mount the CPS directly to their benches.


    Another product the Bryan credited was their brand new AUTODOD. Some of you may have seen the original IDOD, which is the inside and outside diameter neck turning station they created. The AUTODOD is the new CNC-driven automatic version of the IDOD. I'm personally very excited about the AUTODOD and will be getting one very soon!


    This reinforces the lesson that if you want to shoot small you better have some great reloading gear and know how to use it. Great shooting Bryan, and I can't wait to get my hands on that AUTODOD!

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