CPS - Competition Primer Seater

  • Some of you may have seen the small production run we did of our CPS about a year ago. That was a great opportunity and we were able to get a lot of invaluable feedback from those users. I've spent a considerable amount of time redesigning some aspects of the CPS and I finally feel like we're getting it boiled down to the most efficient design. We've also been granted a patent on it! You folks on Gunhive are basically my extended family, so I'm giving the first sneak peek right here right now!

    These priming tools will sell for $600 and will ship with both small and large primer conversions. We've got a few incidentals to nail down before they can ship, but we're getting real close. :)











  • Awesome, the design looks way more refined then before.

  • @rhyno said:

    Awesome, the design looks way more refined then before.

    Thank you. :) No expense was spared. The improvements are too numerous to list. Here's the old one for those that didn't get a chance to see it.


  • BeAutiful... That is Tool Porn..:thumbsup: :smiley:

  • Wow. That is nice!

  • Ok fellas, we have everything ready now. CPS's are in stock and ready to ship!


  • Having run the original version since it's inception and now running the Gen2, I can't imagine not having it on my bench.

  • Used my Gen2 for the first time last weekend and have to congratulate Greg on bringing this level of precision to the hand loader. The ability to adjust, and limit my seating depths in increments of .001" combined with my Redding competition micrometer seating dies provides a sense of control that had been missing. I wouldn't be hand loading if I wasn't a control freak.:wink:

  • Thanks for the comments fellas. I'm glad someone likes these as much as I do. ;)

    Here's a little tip for you that have them. Hornady sells these little fiberglass rods for their progressive presses which you can put on top of the primer stack inside the feed tube. It puts a little downward pressure on the primers, helping things feed nicely, and also will lock the CPS shuttle to the rear when you run out of primers. I like it. :)


  • CPS's are going out the door steady!


  • CPS's are in stock at Precision Reloading!


  • Congratulations Greg. Not many people can claim to have conceived, designed, and brought to market an original product of any type.

    Certainly not the jerk over on Scout.
    I did have to look at that thread.

  • Thank you. The kinds words truly are appreciated. Since the launch of this primer seater, I've been attacked on virtually every website for it. People are actively spreading misinformation and blaming me for policies that virtually EVERY business that accepts credit cards must publish on their website, or they can't get a merchant account.

    No one has one decent thing to say. They've never used this priming tool, but they hate it.... and they hate me for making it. What am I suppose to say to these people that are spitting such venomous crap? I've never refused service or refused a return in my life, unless that customer was 100% in the wrong. Yet truly, there is no point in me engaging any of those people in conversation. They aren't interested in facts, and they sure as hell are not interested in knowing me or learning what Primal Rights brings to the table.

    Look at this:

    I don't think any of those people are my customers... yet they all seem to think they know so much about me, my business, and our priming tool. They think that because something is written on our return policy, that is how we treat customers? It's there for OUR protection against unscrupulous people that try to take advantage of us by way of credit card fraud. Can anyone show me ANY evidence that we've mistreated a SINGLE customer since we started in 2009?

    What exactly am I suppose to say to those people?

    If it were not for our customers thanking me so frequently, and telling me to ignore the idiots... I'd have got out of this a long time ago. Not a day goes by that I don't get thanked for our articles, our reviews, or our relentless support of the products we sell. Not a single day. That is truly the only reason we do any of this. Providing service that no competitor can compete with and hearing the relief of a satisfied customer on the other end of the phone is the only reason we do it. Customers know their money is safe with us. They don't have to guess if they are going to be treated right. They know.

    I have run out of the desire to say anything to the people that don't know us, whom aren't customers, claiming we are this, that, or the other thing. Once upon a time, I'd go in that thread I linked above, and try to share the facts and defend our reputation. ... but there is no point. Apparently it is completely outside their understanding that disclaimers and safety notices are there to protect any responsible business against frivolous lawsuits. No company can possibly operate without those safety notices and disclaimers.

    I've primed several thousand cases with 100 primers in the tube on a CPS. Other customers have primed TENS of thousands. No issues at all. If someone is really concerned about primer tubes blowing up, then you can go down to the local hardware store and get a piece of steel pipe slightly larger than the feed tube and drop it in place before you start priming. Those people complaining of the safety of the CPS, seem to lack basic mechanical understanding of how the tool works. It does NOT work like a dillon, as they seem to think. Dillon's pop primers because they prime while doing all kinds of other things, and you must put a ton of force on the press while priming. The CPS shuttle moves effortlessly, and virtually no pressure is required.

    bah. There is literally no point in trying to mount a defense against those people. There is nothing to defend. The design is done. The patent is received. We have tons of inventory in stock. I don't care how fast, or slow that inventory moves. I'm not "selling" these tools to anyone. The people that want to buy them, can buy them, and I will treat them like royalty... as we do for every other Primal Rights customer. The people that have them, have called to personally thank me for how awesome they are. Virtually every single customer. They were all skeptical going into it, but all call to thank me after they have a chance to use it. I had two elderly gentlemen call, one was nearly in tears... his voice breaking up on the phone, because he was unable to use any other priming tool effectively. His arthritis had ruled out hand primers years ago, and his lack of fine motor skills made it so that he couldn't handle single primers easily to use a press to prime. The CPS "saved his life." < His words... not mine. He was "running out of things to live for," he said. He told me that I gave him back his ability to shoot again. That has stuck with me ever since. That is what I got into this business for... to truly help people. Not just be another outfit that sells gun stuff.

    I'd be lying if I said all that venomous shit people say didn't affect me. The way those people talk on the internet is astonishing. They've never used the item in question... but are experts on it somehow. Strange abilities they have, indeed. As I say though, what can be said to these people? Most do not own businesses of any scale. Most have never invented anything. Most don't even shoot much. How can any of those people whom can draw conclusions about something without ever having touched it... possibly relate to someone like me?

    They can't.

  • Hmm, what scout thread are you talking about Hypo? The Nightforce one?

    I've seen Greg get blasted all over the place, by all kinds of people, and I don't understand it. I've had nothing but great experiences with him, even when I was asking a bunch of questions and never buying anything, or even when our opinions differ on things and we argue.

    To this day I don't think I've spent more then $700 with him, but recently even though I can find products cheaper I see if Greg has them first.

    Heck, finding someone who is honest about the products they sell is rare, and it saves me money, I wish I would have gotten input from Greg when I bout my scope, and I might have one that you can use the whole magnification power on.

    People call him a Fan boy of Desert Techs, and Tangent Theta, yet if you read the Desert Tech thread Greg acknowledges any issue, or advises people not to do things because they don't work the greatest on that platform. He fully admits they have some issues, and if someone asks he'll list the faults

    Yet he gets called out (falsely) on it, I dont understand.

    Anyways rant over. Sorry for creating a tangent to derail the thread.

  • @orkan

    Do you have a list of product that you sell?
    I understand wanting to talk to your customers about their purchases, but I've been through primal rights more than once, and unless I'm looking for a DTA, TT/ELCAN or CPS I have no idea what you sell.

    I'd be happy to direct my business away from Brownells and Midway, to "Ma and Pa" business such as yours.

  • Jealous people spit and sputter and demean accomplishments they will never achieve.

  • @ragnarnar said:


    Do you have a list of product that you sell?

    I appreciate the support! We do not really sell much however. We are extremely specialized, and certainly are not in a position to compete with brownells and the like. That's never been the goal.

    We carry Desert Tech, Tangent Theta, Elcan, Atlas PSR bipods, Tac Ops drag bags, and various other things from time to time. We also carry the items I've designed... the CPS and a line of coyote calls.

    The most important thing is that we take care of people that buy what we do sell.

  • I'm humbled by this great review of the CPS over on precision rifle forum.


  • @orkan

    This is on my list of wants...but will be sometime in the future.

    I also wondered which primer tubes it used. I have an abundance of Dillon tubes, but it won't be a big deal to get a few Hornady. It would be really quick to pair this with the Dillion primer tube loader. You could prime 1200/hr probably without much trouble...maybe even more.

  • You can use this with the dillon tubes as the above reviewer did. Just a little modification to the dillon's is all that's required. :)

  • That is one nice looking piece of equipment, Orkan! I'll have to start saving my pennies--

    One question though - I see the that it loads "100/min" or "over 1000/hr" but the instructions state not to load more than 10 primers into the tube at a time. It looks like the tubes will hold a lot more than 10 primers so I wondered if that may be a mis-print?

    If not, is there a reason for the longer tubes? Also, do the above rates take into account having to reload the primer tubes after every 10 primers? In other words, are they cyclic rates rather than actual production rates?

    Thanks much,


  • @daved

    A Hornady or Dillon tube will hold 100 primers no problem. I would imagine this to be a misprint

  • The tubes hold 100 primmers. If someone is concerned with safety, they should follow the instructions. The CPS completely isolates the primer being seated from the primers in the tube, however, there is always a chance that a column of primers can chain-react. There is also always a chance they can explode in their factory containers. Each user takes full responsibility when they are using this tool. If they feel comfortable with 100, that is on them. Primal Rights, nor I, will assume responsibility for how someone uses this tool.

    I use 100 primers in each tube, and do so with confidence. However, I am completely responsible for my actions, and will not be looking to sue someone in the event I do something stupid.

  • Sad commentary on our times when businesses have to give unrealistic "instructions" to avoid being sued.

    From the pix, it looks like you could just slip a piece of steel tubing with a thick wall over the primer tube and be both safe and efficient. I do that with both my Star and RCBS bench primer - it ensures that the blast will be upward away from the operator in the event of a primer ka-blamo.

  • Exactly correct, on all accounts.

  • @orkan

    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to add a couple of those to the bench! Sounds like a great idea!