Would you talk to news people?

  • I don't think I would. That's someone else's front. Once upon a time, I tried to be nice to anti-gun people. I tried to help them understand. The problem was that they simply can not, and will not, understand. They are people who are entirely and completely incapable of logical critical thinking. They are led by their emotions, and their fear is the most powerful emotion. Right behind the fear, is this feeling of intellectual superiority. This is why liberals want to ban everything. As it has been said, if we don't like eating meat, we'll just stop eating meat. If a liberal doesn't like eating meat, they try to ban ALL PEOPLE from being able to eat meat.

    This so-called "news" organization that produced this video reinforces everything I said above. That guy sits on a couch with a coffee table full of guns in front of him, and he's afraid. Just like the whiny little insecure bitch he is. Afraid of inanimate objects. If I were on a balance beam, and all around me on the floor were bear traps, I wouldn't be as afraid as that goddamn pussy is of those unloaded handguns.

    How do you speak to someone that illogical and stupid? Why would you want to?

  • It's annoying, but it's necessary. We will never stand a chance if we isolate ourselves.

    People fear firearms because the majority of their experience, rather exposure to them is violence, in movies, games, news, through war. They only see that side, it's the only side the new shows, it's the only side politicians talk about.

    They also fear them because they don't understand them, they don't know how they work.

    Some won't listen, some will.

  • I just watched an episode of greys anatomy with my wife the other night that had me so mad my knuckles where white for 2 hours. In that episode they had a 10-13 year old kid that got into a lockbox that his mother stored her licensed handgun in and gave it to his like aged friend that in turn pointed it at him and fired it. It went off and now he is in surgery and ends up a paralyzed from mid chest down. It was 20 minutes of banter about why no one should ever own a gun and that this is the only outcome that can come of ownership. Although in the end it was resolved with the fact that education would have prevented this mishap. After the show we talked to our 11 and 6 year old boys about it. My wife was absolutely amazed at the instant answers that they gave her about what to do if they found a gun or if their friends wanted to see one no matter if at our house or a friends. I was an extremely proud papa.