Introducing TS Customs .17WSM RimX Rifles

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  • @orkan Did any of the brass split in your test? I remember the Ruger you tried had some brass splitting problems. I haven’t sern any 17 hmr split in a while.

  • @bigfoot No split cases in this rifle as of yet.

  • Going to kick off a live stream on instagram @primalrights here in a few minutes.

    Time to stress test a Zermatt 17WSM action! Might as well do it live for you guys. ;)

  • @orkan
    I'm curious to know how the bore looked after 300 little screamers later.

  • @bigfoot I don't own a bore scope that can fit in a .17 bore diameter... but I shot it the next day, and was still holding 3/4MOA at 100yds! That was basically as good as that barrel was from the start.

  • @orkan
    That baby was smoking hot. What's the velocity, 3200fps? A 204 is advertised at 4200 I don't know what a 17 Remington is unless I look it up or a 17 Hornet. You could sit there and hammer sand puppies or whatever you call them all day with that rig. I wonder if you happened to have a copper fowled condition would you have a uh oh experience being it's a rimfire.

  • @bigfoot 17WSM runs a 20gr bullet at about 3000fps. The hornet will do that same 20gr at 3600fps. 17 Remington will do a 25gr at 4000fps quite easily.

  • We're close to having the first few 17WSM rifles ship. Today I was out working over a small pdog town with one of mine. Zapped 34 pdogs in about an hour! So fun! These rifles are what the 17WSM should always have had! Give me a call to get your 17WSM rifle reserved! 605-554-1911

    Stay tuned, as I'll be posting more pictures of these rifles as they get ready for shipping!



  • Super excited to hear about. Thanks for your perseverance.

  • One of my personal TS Customs 17WSM's back from Primal Finish for a Cerakote treatment in KUIU VIAS with some cookies 'n cream metal! Our 17WSM builds are rolling off the line at TS Customs. Be sure to call us to get yours reserved!


  • Dang, I may have to buy that one!! Very nice ..... What does it shoot like with and without the suppressor? Still a crack but more subtle I imagine. Any change in the group size?? It's a beauty! Tried a tuner on it yet to see if there is any change in the grouping. Rimfire can be so finicky lot to lot. And that ain't the whole of it .... I can only imagine what an absolute pleasurable, fun gun that must be to shoot. Hands down, it is what it is, and the person doing the firing has to do their best to have it perform its best. I wouldn't want to be a PD within 300 yards of that thing!

  • @buddhaman said in Introducing TS Customs .17WSM RimX Rifles:

    What does it shoot like with and without the suppressor? Still a crack but more subtle I imagine. Any change in the group size??

    No appreciable change in group size or POI. Quite loud without the can. These things bark.

  • What an excellent review of the Primal Rights/TS Customs Rimx 17WSM. It is right up my alley. I love the lack of the Krakatoa with the suppressor ..... just so annoyed with the process of the stamp. A friend has been waiting since Nov 2020, no stamp yet. Regardless, I love everything about the setup. For me, I'll take the bipod along with the quick connect attachment. ARCA mount and tripod maybe later. I've watched and read your report on cleaning the 22lr, any thoughts on the 17WSM yet. I think in a past post you mentioned something about maybe 500 rounds. All in all, thank you Greg for the time, your research/testing of components, and your overall interests and love of firearms to include rimfire.

  • I'm excited about this bolt action 17WSM. I had a Volquartsen 17WSM Semi-Auto that shot exceptional, but for the most part, I disdain semi-auto's. Scott was kind enough to let me return it to him. I'm hoping to see equal 100 yard results from the RimX. These are seven shots at 100 yds with the Volquartsen shooting 25gr. The first 5 shots went dime size, the next 2 shots were for zeroing.