Primal Rights Exclusive TS Customs RimX Rifles - Availability & Testing

  • Primal Rights Exclusive TS Customs RimX Rifles

    This thread will be used to announce availability and post testing results of the most recent TS Customs RimX turn-key rifle packages offered exclusively by Primal Rights, Inc.

    As a rifle becomes available, we'll upload a new post consisting of rifle pictures, spec lists, as well as any accuracy/precision reports we have for the rifle. Prospective customers may purchase a rifle at any time they wish during the testing process. We'll tag each post with "testing complete" at the bottom when we do not intend to work with the rifle any further, though if you've seen enough to make your decision, you can call us anytime to inquire about its purchase. Rough pricing will be indicated with each rifle, though final price will depend upon many variables that will need to be discussed over the phone before final pricing can be determined. Extra mags, lot testing, ammunition, shipping, and many other variables can greatly affect the final price. As a result, no pricing information will be discussed outside of phone inquiries.

    Specific pictures and tests with certain conditions/ammo types may be requested, and the original post will be updated with those requests as time allows. Customers may send test lots of their ammo to be tested in a rifle of their choice. (Only SK, lapua, eley, RWS, re-brands of those, and select others will be allowed.) If there's anything specific you want to know or see regarding a rifle, you can simply request it and we will do our best to accommodate. Certain accessories and optics may be provided with the rifle upon request. Due to the vast array of options, this will need to be discussed via phone.

    It is our intention to provide the most elite RimX rifle systems available anywhere, with the most transparent sales process to accompany them. We want you to know exactly what you're looking at from a fit/finish standpoint as well as examples of each rifles precision/accuracy capabilities. This first post will serve as a FAQ which we will update periodically.

    TS Customs RimX #179 -
    Approximate price: $4500 - Call 605-554-1911 to inquire
    Availability: Ready to ship, testing not complete


    Zermatt Arms RimX 22lr action, Right hand, 30moa rail
    26" Benchmark barrel, 22LR Primal 1.5° chamber, MTU contour, 1:16.5 twist, 3-groove, EC Tuner
    McMillan A6 Molded-In McWoody, sniper fill, flush cups front/rear & left/right. Custom inlet by TS Customs for action, barrel, Hawkins Precision bottom metal, Mlok rail, and TS Customs cheek hardware. Action masterfully bedded with custom pillars.
    Triggertech Diamond Pro-curve trigger
    1 Magazine
    (bipod, mlok picatinny section, optic, rings - not included)


    Current round count - 100
    Failure to Feed - 0
    Failure to Fire - 0
    Failure to Extract - 0
    Failure to Eject - 0

    Accuracy/Precision Examples -

    Lapua Polar Biathlon

    Live video of above target being shot.

    RWS R50