Battle of Breakneck - AAR

  • 6AM, Friday April 15th, Rob and I loaded up and headed southwest for the inaugural "Battle of Breakneck" PRS shoot in Broadwater, NE. The weather forecast for the weekend was awful gloomy but we were excited none the less! The "Battle of Breakneck" ran by the Western Nebraska Precision Shooters had it's first shoot in August last summer and was not a PRS event at the time. A crew of us from SD had shot the event last year and were impressed with the country that was available to shoot in and the quality of the COF and match directors. Our hopes were set pretty high for this year and the WNPS did not disappoint!

    We rolled into the sight-in range shortly after noon on Friday and got our guns zeroed up and dope confirmed out to 1000 yards.
    There were several side matches going on at the same time with the proceeds going to the RO's. One stage included 10 shots at a mile, scored by most hits and closest to the center. The other two were speed racks set at 230 yards.
    Here I am shooting one of the speed racks with my newest 6BRX with the Impact Precision receiver. The stage was 5 3" inch plates, fastest clean run wins. I was able to squeeze out a 9.58, but it wasn't quite quick enough to beat the winner's 9.16.

    Congruent with the forecast, Saturday morning we woke to high winds and leaky skies.

    The high winds and drizzle/rain/sleet continued most of the morning but we did catch a couple hour break of dry weather in the middle of the day. I apologize, this was about the only time I pulled my phone out all day to catch any pictures.
    Here is Griz running the post stage. There was a target at 200 and 350. One shot was taken at each target from 3 positions on the post. Basically left, right, and top.

    The entire course of fire was fun and challenging. With the deep, canyon country we were exposed to a variety of changing wind conditions due to the terrain.
    Later in the day, the weather really turned nasty for about the last 5 stages. The drizzle/sleet turned into full-on rain/slush/snow and the winds picked up from 15-25 to 25-40mph. Even just seeing the targets the last few stages became a challenge. I was fortunate to shoot with a great squad that made the miserable conditions all day quite bearable.

    Unfortunately, with the forecast being as bad or worse for Sunday, the decision was made Sunday morning to call the shoot.
    Scores were tallied from Saturdays shooting and were made final.

    Despite the conditions, John Griswold hammered targets all day Saturday and came away with the win. His first PRS win and the first PRS win for a TS Customs rifle! John was able to snag the BigHorn/JAE/Hawk Hill/Huber/TS Customs rifle that we put together for the prize table.

    Running neck and neck with Griz all day, Rob Pugh came in a few points behind for second place.

    I trailed a good handful of points back but still managed to scratch out a 4th place finish.

    Also, congratulations to Scott Decapio from Colorado on the 3rd place finish and Aaron Rogers from SD on the 5th place finish in his first PRS shoot!

    TS Customs and SD were well represented this weekend for sure! I can't say enough thanks to everyone who makes this whole show happen. From the sponsors, to the land owners, and the match directors - THANK YOU!!

    I am already looking forward to this shoot again next year, let's hope the weather is agreeable so we can shoot the whole thing!

  • Thanks for sharing Travis.

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    Thanks for the play by play and the pictures. Looks like a good time.

  • Thanks for the write up, it looked like an interesting match with the weather and gusts. And those Sandhills can do some funny things with the wind.

  • BRRrrrrrrr and shiver....I got to hand it to you folks, that looked brutal. .:anguished:

  • @mamalukino said:

    BRRrrrrrrr and shiver....I got to hand it to you folks, that looked brutal. .:anguished:

    When you winter up here, the spring flurries are pretty easy to deal with. ;)

  • @orkan said:

    @mamalukino said:

    BRRrrrrrrr and shiver....I got to hand it to you folks, that looked brutal. .:anguished:

    When you winter up here, the spring flurries are pretty easy to deal with. ;)

    I'm a weather pussy...:laughing: