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    Israel had been in captivity in Egypt for several hundred years. Generation after generation they passed down their history to their children. History of a powerful God that provided for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They passed down the promises that God made with the assurance that He would one day deliver them from Egypt. Yet after several generations in Egypt, they had become “comfortable” as slaves. After all, they had food and water. They could survive even if it was in servitude to Egypt. Yet eventually God sent Moses to deliver them. Moses came with great signs from God such as a staff that would become a serpent, a leprous hand that would heal, and the mighty ten plagues that were sent upon Egypt. Israel saw all of these signs and heard Moses tell that he was there to lead them out. Israel saw God part the Red Sea so they could cross. Israel saw God provide them with water from a rock, manna and quail from heaven. Israel saw God destroy their enemies and exalt them. Israel saw the presence of God at Sinai as the law was delivered. This would have been an amazing time to live and see the awesome power of God as He truly delivered them with a “mighty hand” (Exodus 3:19-20).

    The thing that still amazes me is the doubt that Israel expressed by their words and actions. On many occasions they were almost ready to kill Moses because they thought he led them into the wilderness to die. They were afraid that Egypt was going to catch them and kill them. They thought that they were going to starve and die of thirst. They worshiped idols that they had made instead of worshiping God. They seemed to find every way under the sun to disobey God even after He had done so much for them. It amazes me. How could they, after seeing the great and awesome power of God still live in disobedience to Him? How could they, after seeing God’s deliverance not trust God without exception?

    So we come to today. We read of how God delivered Israel and the power that He displayed. We know about the great miracles that Jesus and the apostles performed in the New Testament. We know about the power and might of our wonderful God. We know of the great promises that He has made and we know that He will deliver on those promises. Why then do we sometimes struggle with unbelief in the same way as Israel? We usually wouldn't come right out and say we don’t believe Him, but we exhibit a lack of trust in God by the way we live. When we truly trust God, then we will pray, worship, trust and obey Him as we should. When we believe God, then we will trust Him with all of our heart and mind. We will live for Him knowing that following Him is all that matters in this life.

    The writer of Hebrews addresses this very point. He talks about the lack of faith that Israel showed while they were leaving Egypt. Then he warns us not to have that same unbelief. Hebrews 3:12 says, “Take heed my brethren lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.”