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    Controversy is something that most people tend to avoid. We don’t like arguing and fighting with people and so many times we will avoid an argument at all cost. This attitude has led to the common phrase in our society: “Agree to disagree”. This phrase in and of itself is admitting that two people are on polar opposites of a topic, but instead of discussing the topics and coming to a logical, truthful answer they would rather just go their separate ways believing what they want to believe.

    What is it that makes us so afraid of controversy? What is it that makes us uncomfortable when someone disagrees with something we have said or done? Is it the fear the fear that we might be wrong and once proven wrong we would have to change? Is it the change that we fear? Is it simply pride in having to admit that we were wrong? Why is it so difficult to admit when we are wrong? If we truly want to be right then we will want to know when we are wrong so that we can change to be right.

    The flip side of the coin is that some will compromise their own beliefs to avoid controversy. Some will fail to confront a friend they know is wrong because they don’t want to deal with the controversy that will inevitably follow. If we believe that someone is wrong, and we believe they will be lost if they are not right, and we do nothing, then what does that say of us? Either we don’t really believe the truth we stand for, or we don’t love them enough to tell them. Are we afraid that we are going to make our friends sad or angry? Are we worried about how they will handle the difficult truth?

    Have you ever considered that one cannot ever be truly happy until they know, believe, and accept truth. People have often said, “ignorance is bliss”, yet ignorance can only provide temporary happiness. Sooner or later the truth will shine through. Sooner or later we will answer for our lives even if we choose to be ignorant of truth. True happiness comes when we find truth, accept truth, and change our lives to live in that truth. 1 Thessalonians 2:4 says, “...not as pleasing men, but God which tries our hearts.” We can go about our lives blindly trying to avoid controversy and trying to make those around us “happy”, or we can lovingly speak the truth and help people change to be right with God. After all, it is God that tries our hearts...not man.

    Controversy is not always a pleasant thing. It is not fun to point out where someone else is wrong. While we should find joy in truth, learning we were wrong is not always easy either. Yet controversy, when approached honestly, will lead to truth. Truth sets us free. Changing to follow truth is what God demands. Accept controversy. Approach wrong and confront it. Be willing to change when proven wrong.