Ten Percent

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    A recent study done interviewed young people about religion. The study found that 84 percent of young people believed in God and 81 percent believed that Jesus was divine. The study also revealed that over 80 percent surveyed would want a religious funeral or wedding. However, only one in ten indicated that God has a “great deal” of influence on how they live.

    Believing in God and Faith in Him is one of the major foundations of Christianity. Yet many times our belief stops short of true faith. It is possible for one to believe in God without having true faith in Him. Faith is when one trusts God with their entire being. Trusting that what God has said is true and is what is best for their life. Trusting that God knows all and has our best interest and purpose at heart. Trusting that God can work all things for good if we trust Him and follow Him. Faith is much deeper and moving than just believing. Faith ALWAYS leads to change and action. Change from what one is to what God would have them to be. Action to do good and right.

    Hebrews 11 discusses faith in detail. The writer uses many examples of people who had great faith. In each of these examples, the writer notes what these examples accomplished by their faith. By faith Daniel stopped the mouths of lions (11:33). By faith Noah built an ark and saved his family (11:7). By faith Sarah bore a child when she was old (11:11). By faith Moses led Israel out of Egypt (11:24-29). Interestingly enough, each of these were actions that were accomplished by God. When these people trusted God and obeyed Him, God used them to accomplish His purpose. It was God who shut the lions mouths. It was God who closed the door of the ark. It was God who allowed Sarah to bear a child at 90 years old. It was God who sent the plagues, delivered Israel, and parted the red sea.

    God is able to accomplish great things in our lives. God is able use our lives to accomplish much more than we are capable of by ourselves. The potential is without limit because God is the ultimate limitless power behind us when we put our faith in Him. His power is only limited by our limited faith in Him.

    So herein lies the problem. Only about ten percent of religious people claim that God has a great deal of influence on how they live. I would venture to guess that it is actually much less than ten percent. God can have a great and lasting influence on our lives if we will simply put our trust and faith in Him and allow Him to accomplish His purpose in our lives.

    You believe in God? You do well in believing, but the devil also believes in God (James 2:19). Do more than believe. Trust in God. Trust in His word, His commands, His way for your life. Let God’s will change the way you live so that through faith in Him you can accomplish more than would ever be possible on your own.