210 vs 210M

  • I haven't seen GMM primers in a hot minute, however my LGS is finally getting regular federal primers back in stock

    According to my internetting the only difference between the GM210 and the No.210 is the guy who's assembling them; i.e. its there most experienced guy.

    Thoughts? I'm slowly stocking up so I have them if shit gets hard to find again

  • I grab whatever I can, whenever I can here. It is better to have not so great primers than no primers. Ditto on powder.

  • @mamalukino
    Valid point sir, and I do the same. I have powders for rifle calibers I don't even own yet.....
    I'd find a use for them, even if it's just in the AR10 or hunting rifle.

    Just curious as to their performance vs a "match" primer. I suspect its just a function of load development and they can be made to shoot well regardless.

  • I don't have any direct knowledge regarding the performance but have been told that the manufacturing process is identical for both, the match designation being given based on passing a higher quality control threshold. That said, I try to purchase the match primers whenever they're available.