Cleaning scale and inside of housing

  • A buddy recently came over to do some load development and crank out some pistol ammo on my 550 with Prometheus on top.
    He was running Blue Dot powder through the vibratory trickler. After loading about 1000 rounds, there was a fine, glittery dust all over inside.

    I have never advocated using compressed air to clean out unit due to the potential of getting something in the bearings which would cause an accuracy issue. Went to Amazon and bought a small AA powered vacuum ( ZOpid ). Think is perfect for picking up various kernals and did get some of the ‘dust’. NOTE...!!!!.... remove weighing tray and stopper ball. These are easily and safely cleaned by compressed air when off the unit.
    A small artists paintbrush used as a ‘broom’ would likely be best done first, then the little vacuum to pick up the pile.
    I would also mention use of vacuum likely constitutes ‘fire hazard’ especially with fine dust so all I am doing is mentioning what I tried, not making any suggestions !

    At the end of the day, I did resort to compressed air but immediately tested that it repeats to ‘zero’ 15-20 cycles. And of course if anything did get in bearings I could disassemble and clean but this is NOT something I recommend even to the mechanically inclined out there. There are some potential pitfalls to doing this ...!!!!

    So prevention is likely best cure, so if you do run something that puts out a lot of dust, be aware.