Get your extra stability!

  • Before any of this I should mention I am in no way shape or form a great at writing. I will do my best but chances are your going to have to do that slow reread the sentence thing to understand what I am saying! lol :)

    The reason I write this is to try to spread some knowledge that is surprisingly few and far between. I am not the one that came up with this but I do have my modified method of making my bag "softer". Why would you want a bag to be softer? The simple answer is that with making the material "softer" the bag will conform better resulting in more surface area. More surface area will give you more stability and more stability is more impacts! I should mention I have only ever done this on waxed canvas bags, If you do not have a waxed canvas bag you are missing out!

    Items you'll need:

    Step 1: Take your bag and throw it around! It won't break so don't baby it!

    Step 2: Clean your bag with cold water and a rag 0_1599191939801_53a1c594-6869-4d0b-86e6-3ca250a2b433-image.png

    Step 3: Dry it with your hairdryer, I use high heat but your choice!
    Step 4: Cover it with Otter Wax!
    Step 5: Use your hairdryer (high heat) and hand to work the wax into the bag. This will take a long time, on this bag it took me an hour to do it right!
    By the end of it the bag will end up feeling "sticky" (using will work that out) it should NOT feel "slippery" like it does after you coat it with wax. You will notice that this will end up taking you about a full day (most of it throwing the bag around) and by the end of it you bag should feel much better and bring you more stability on those awkward props. Try it and let me know how it works! I do it on all my bags and have had many people tell me I must have just got lucky on my bag for it to be that good!

  • Great tip!